One Piece officially names the series' most powerful character

Chapter 1070 of One Piece lists the most powerful characters in the series, headlined by Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates' next enemy: Seraphim.

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #1070 of One Piece

^ One Piece officially names the most powerful character in the series, a title that goes to its new villain, the Seraphim pacifist cyborg. After an impressive debut against Blackbeard, Seraph is now ready to take on the Straw Hat Pirates. Their creator, the genius Dr. Vegapunk, has confirmed that they are the most powerful beings to ever appear in the One Piece universe.

The Seraph is the most advanced version of the Pacifist, the cyborg created by Dr. Vegapunk and the ultimate weapon used by the Navy and World Government against pirates. The first pacifist model to appear in the series is based on Bartholomew Kumar, a former maritime warlord and officer in the Revolutionary Army who accepted to be Vegapunk's test subject for unknown reasons . Recently, One Piece revealed that Vegapunk had actually cloned all former members of the Warlords, mixing their genes with those of the super-powerful Lunarian race, and making further technological improvements. The resulting creature, while still a child, is incredibly strong and can easily hold a blow from one of the series' most powerful characters, Blackbeard.

Chapter 1070 of One Piece confirms Seraphs also have an additional tool in their arsenal, the power of a Devil Fruit. Vegapunk explains to his new allies the Straw Hat Pirates that the only type of Devil Fruit he can artificially create is Zoans. For the paramecium, however, he found an alternative: a special type of artificial "green blood" synthesized from the DNA of devil fruit users, which could give them the same powers through blood transfusions. Vegapunk uses this technique to give his seraphs the powers of their corresponding warlords (e.g. Boa Hancock's Mero Mero no Mi gave her seraph clones), or clones for warlords who haven't eaten a devil fruit body (Jinbe's clone) endowed with new powers, for example, gaining the power of SeƱor Pink's Sui Sui no Mi). Therefore, according to Vegapunk, seraphs are the most powerful creatures that have ever appeared in the ocean.

Consider that the world of One Piece has seen the emergence of incredibly powerful characters, such as those who have attained the title of Aquaman (Whitebeard, Kaido, Big Mom, Shanks, Blackbeard, and most recently Luffy). However, Vegapunk's claims are not without merit. in their In the first appearance, a seraph (the one modeled after Dracula Mihawk) withstood a blow from Blackbeard and emerged unscathed thanks to the power-up of his two Devil Fruits. The former warlords were very powerful pirates whose clones were enhanced using the DNA of the Lunarians, a legendary, endangered race whose members are known as divine beings due to their supernatural resilience and strength . The addition of Devil Fruit powers makes Seraphim so over the top that it's hard to see what Luffy and the Straw Hats are going to do against them.

One Piece's Seraphim Are The Series' Strongest Creatures

Fortunately, Seraphim seems to have at least a few weaknesses that can be exploited. They obey orders under a precise chain of command, with the Vegapunk second in line (behind the Five Elders). Also, judging from a brief interaction with Boa Hancock Seraphim, they seem to retain at least part of the clone's personality, meaning they're not completely soulless machines. However, the fact remains that Seraphim is currently under the firm control of CP0's world government proxies, which means that Luffy and Straw Hat now has to deal with the most powerful creatures in the One Piece universe.

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One Piece's latest chapter is available from Viz Media.

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