One Piece completely ruined Luffy's character

One Piece: The Giant Mech Soldiers of Karakuri City is the seventh film of the One Piece anime, and its worst so far.

Of all the One Piece films released to date, the seventh film, One Piece: Giant Mech Soldiers in Karakuri City, is undoubtedly the worst, partly because of how it slaughtered Luffy's character. The One Piece anime has been around for over 20 years, and in the meantime, it has released more than a dozen movies as of 2022. Some of these films are short films released as double features at anime festivals, but many of them, especially the more recent ones, have been released as full-length theatrical films to wide audiences, sometimes around the world.

A growing list of films in the One Piece series includes the 2006 film One Piece: Giant Mecha Soldiers in Karakuri City. The Straw Hat Pirates found a treasure chest containing an old woman who offered to guide them to the treasure hidden on Mecha Island. The movie has all the hallmarks of a classic One Piece story, but the way they play out here makes this movie the worst One Piece movie to date.

One Piece Movie 7 Has A Wasted Setting

One of the main reasons for One Piece: The Giant Mech Soldiers in Karakuri City is such a bad One Piece movie that it completely wastes its setting. One of the key elements of any One Piece story has always been the unique island setting in which the Straw Hat Pirates live. Whether it's something completely bizarre or based primarily on real life, there's always something new in every story, and characters who see how they adapt to each new setting are always committed to establishing the world of One Piece as a world with countless differences. A world of circumstances where anything can happen.

Unfortunately, these are not shown in One Piece: Giant Mech Soldiers in Karakuri City. At first, the movie appears to be an adventure set on an island with robots, but not only are the robots barely there, the Straw Hats don't even explore anywhere on the island. Instead, the movie completely wastes the gimmick of the setup by having them go on a general treasure hunt through hidden passages completely away from the rest of Mech Island. The stories of One Piece anime live by their setting, so it's not even bother to watch the movie The characters are just plain weird to interact with.

One Piece Movie 7 Has The Worst One Piece Villain

Another reason why One Piece: The Giant Mech Soldiers of Karakuri City is a bad movie is because it has one of the worst One Piece villains in the Ratchet series. At the climax of the film, it is revealed that Mecha Island is actually a giant turtle named Island Turtle Ratchet lured the Straw Hat Turtle into waking up for him, and he plans to control the Island Turtle so he can take over the world. On the surface, Ambulance comes across as a manipulative mastermind, but it all falls flat because of how poorly he is in the movie.

Ambulance is a comic villain in a similar vein to One Piece's Bugs the Clown, so a lot of what he does comes off as fairly lighthearted, but the problem is that the movie goes too far in that regard. No one around him shows any sense of urgency, the final fight with him has Luffy destroying all his machines effortlessly, and the movie ends with Ambulance crying and being spanked by his mom. Even villains like Buggy, Wapol and Foxy have their treat moments Seriously, so nothing like this happened to Ratchet would just bore him to watch and procrastinate the movie.

Luffy Is A Terrible Character In One Piece Movie 7

However, One Piece's biggest problem: Karakuri City's giant mech soldier is One Piece's Luffy is a scary character. The Straw Hat Pirates are constantly in danger due to Luffy's insistence on finding the treasure, but the problem is that throughout the movie, it keeps reiterating that there is no evidence that the treasure exists. This is in stark contrast to something like the Skypiea arc, where there is clear evidence of a sky island, so Luffy insists that the treasure is real, stripping him of his typical romantic selfishness and making him look like nothing more than a brash Assholes only care about themselves.

Luffy's poor writing style is made even worse considering the film's predecessor, One Piece Priest Baron and The Secret Island. Baron Omatsuri deconstructs Luffy's consistent selfishness by making his friends blame him for their problems, and Luffy even breaks down because of it. This is a clever interpretation of the beat of Eiichiro Oda's One Piece story, so after seeing it is Things that go so hard in the opposite direction make things even more deaf. With that, aside from its other problems, it's no wonder that One Piece: Giant Mech Soldiers in Karakuri City is by far the worst One Piece movie.

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