Neil Gaiman Not Involved With Graveyard Book Adaptation

Neil Gaiman has revealed he won't be working on Disney's upcoming Graveyard Book adaptation of the YA novel.

Neil Gaiman has made it clear he's not involved in the upcoming theatrical adaptation of Graveyard Book. With the success of The Sandman on Netflix, Gaiman became the subject of critical acclaim. The story of Morpheus' attempts to reset his dreams after being trapped for decades is a testament to Gaiman's prowess as a producer and creator, as the series proved to be a huge hit for Netflix, with Its dark narrative and realistically eerie yet engaging worldbuilding.

While the Sandman has worked well with his backing, Gaiman will not be involved with The Graveyard Book, which has been in various stages of development since 2009. The film, which will be directed by Finding Neverland's Mark Foster, will not, as Gaiman revealed in response to a fan question about the Tumblr adaptation, turn to its original author. See what Gaiman had to say below:

You know everything I know. And no, no control or say. Fingers crossed that if they make it, it's good.

Everything We Know About The Graveyard Book

The Graveyard Book will be based on Gaiman's 2008 young adult novel about the adventures of newly orphaned Nobody "Bod" Owens after he is adopted by a group of otherworldly beings experience. Creatures in the cemetery. Gaiman, who insisted that The Sandman needs to be a streaming show, said he embraced the idea that Graveyard Book would be a single movie, but it might not be the wisest decision. Considering the book follows Bird through ten years of his life, film may be a difficult medium to adapt because of the sheer number of stories that can be told.

Henry Selick (The Nightmare Before Christmas) was originally set to direct the project, but due to production issues, Selick left the film, along with a string of writers who signed on and left shortly after, putting the film in absolute straits. Indeterminate state. While Gaiman seems a bit disappointed, it's probably a good thing he wasn't able to get involved. Gaiman may be too busy to fully focus on Graveyard Book, especially since he's interested in creating a Sandman spinoff about Johanna Constantine. With more episodes of The Sandman and Good Omens season 2 on the horizon, Gaiman will be too busy for the movies.

Upcoming iteration of The Graveyard The book will be written by David Magee (Life of Pi) and directed by Marc Foster (Finding Neverland), but it remains to be seen if the project will be completed. There's currently no update on when producers will begin casting, which would be a major step for its production. Still, it's not uncommon for Gaiman-inspired projects to struggle through development, especially after Gaiman's struggles to get more episodes of The Sandman approved by Netflix. With luck, The Graveyard Book will have a smoother development process from now on.

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