My Hero Academia Anime Teases The Series' Worst Ending

My Hero Academia season 6's winter finale teased one of the series' worst conclusions: Shigaraki's redemption.

Warning: SPOILERS for episode #13 of My Hero Academia Season 6

^ My Hero Academia season 6's winter finale teased one of the series' worst endings. The first game of season 6 features a fierce battle between the heroes and the Supernatural Liberation Front led by Shigaraki. Still, when the arch-villain manages to escape, protagonist Izuku hints that he will try to redeem him, despite Shigara's horrific crimes.

My Hero Academia Season 6 is a must-see anime in the Fall 2022 series. It's based on one of the best and most exciting arcs in comics, the War of Supernatural Liberation. Studio Bones has solidified its position as one of the best animation studios active today, delivering a beautifully faithful adaptation of the manga. The heroes' assault on the Supernatural Liberation Front was foiled by the destructive power of Tomura Shigaraki, who reemerged with all the quirks of his master, All for One, leveling entire cities and killing thousands. Only the intervention of Midoriya and professional heroes Endeavor and Best Jeanist managed to stop Shigaraki, but the final reckoning was only delayed.

In My Hero Academia Episode 13, ended In the season 6 first episode, the villain Mr. Compression sacrifices himself to allow his companions to escape and awaken Shigaraki, who is unconscious after fighting Deku and Endeavor. The villain awakens, but All for One takes control of his body, summons his Nomu soldiers and manages to escape from the battlefield. As Deku desperately tries to stop him but fails, the boy is reminded of the moment he saw Shigaraki fight All for One for control in the One for All mental landscape. According to Izuku, at that moment, Shigaraki looked like he wanted to be rescued, which means the heroes will try to do so the next time they meet.

Many fans who read the My Hero Academia manga were concerned that, in its finale, the series would fall into one of the genre's most common clich├ęs and make Nagasaki a redeeming villain. While another major villain, All for One, is clearly irreparable, the strange connection between Midoriya and Tomura suggests the latter still has a chance. However, Shigara killed countless people, and also caused many people close to Izuku to suffer from it. Although he was definitely being manipulated In a way, Tomura's choice is ultimately his own. Despite his tragic backstory, many fans feel that the villain deserves no mercy and should pay for all his crimes.

Deku Trying To Save Shigaraki Could Ruin My Hero Academia's Finale

As fans wait for Season 6's second season to begin airing in January 2023, the question of Nagasaki's fate becomes a pressing question. After all the devastation wrought by the villains in this battle, faith in the heroes is shattered and Japan is thrown into chaos, all of which is Tomura's fault. However, the essence of a hero is to never give up hope, so it is only natural that Green Valley will go to save Xinle in the end. Regardless of what happens with the rest of Season 6, Deku's decision on Shigaraki will determine the ending of My Hero Academia.

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My Hero Academia Season 6 is streaming on Crunchyroll.

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