Misplaced: 10 Characters Redditors Wished Got More Screen Time

Misplaced had a enormous cast of characters, but there were a few that Redditors would've enjoyed to see more of all through the arrangement.

In spite of the fact that long since finished and in spite of its divisive finishing, Misplaced still features a expansive taking after behind it, and numerous appears, such as Show, have clearly been inspired by the hit arrangement. One of the foremost outstanding parts of the arrangement is its gigantic cast, with handfuls of fundamental and auxiliary characters acting in critical parts throughout the 6 season run.

Be that as it may, due to the numerous characters within the appear, numerous of them couldn't get as much screen time as others, whereas numerous others were murdered off as well before long. This has driven to numerous individuals taking to Reddit to voice their conclusions on which characters they would've preferred to see more of.


Jacob rapidly got to be a key character within the final few seasons of the appear, but truly as it were by reputation and title instead of appearance. In truth, the character passes on in his to begin with on-screen appearance.

In spite of the fact that he appears as a soul and in flashbacks within the final season, gatherings of people do not see much of him at all, which may be a disgrace. As VbardV notes, "for somebody so imperative," the watchers may have learned a part around the history of the island through him and the struggle against the Man in Black should have gotten more time on screen than what he did.

Mikhail Bakunin

Not as it were was Mikhail one of the most excellent side characters on Misplaced, but his constrained sum of screen time implied that not much might be truly known approximately his character or his backstory.

A running figure of speech of Mikhail was his near-death appearances in nearly each scene he showed up in. But the as it were backstory that fans get from him is his words instead of seeing them on screen (which profoundly disturbed Redditors, such as xgeorgeoustormx, who needed the "backstory"). Given that Mikhail murdered one of the most characters, Charlie, he seem have certainly turned into one of the following enormous bads.

Frank Lapidus

Straight to the point Lapidus is one of the foremost underrated characters on Misplaced, but in spite of his numerous season appearances, fans need more of the notorious character.

"Lapidus merited his claim scene," announces Lil_Brown_Bat, for, in spite of showing up in numerous scenes and getting to be a central character by the ultimate season, Lapidus never gotten an scene in which he was the most center character, with the closest to this being a shared center scene in Season 4. Lapidus picked up bounty of fans due to his appearances, but numerous fans fair needed more than what the showrunners gave them.

Rose & Bernard

Rose and Bernard are effectively one of the finest couples within the arrangement, and fans were cheerful to see the two make it all the way until the conclusion. But their appearances continuously felt missing.

Both Rose and Bernard fell into a peculiar subcategory of being fundamental characters but not fundamental characters. As such, whereas they both showed up all through all 6 seasons (with Bernard as it were lost out on the primary season), fans still felt like they needed more. As Artistic-Audience182 flawlessly summarizes, "I would have preferred it on the off chance that they at slightest had another flashback scene."

Mr. Eko

Mr. Eko's story is one filled with confidence and dedication. Shockingly, his time on the appear was as well brief for numerous Redditors.

Due to the on-screen character needing to be composed out of the arrangement, Mr. Eko's time on the appear was restricted, in spite of plans of him playing a more imperative part. One Redditor commented that, "The character was implied to be an imperative portion of the appear, nearly as a "yin to the yang" of Locke." Fans would've cherished to see more of his character due to his identity and the story he brought to the appear. Tragically, it fair wasn't implied to be.

Goodwin Stanhope

A key concept presented in Season 1 of Misplaced is the thought of the Others invading the bunches of survivors. Goodwin Stanhope happens to be one of those infiltrators.

Tragically, he doesn't final as well long, and closes up biting the dust moderately rapidly. His ensuing appearances appear that Ben sent him to his passing due to his envy that he was having an undertaking with Juliet.

Still, with a character that "had parts of potential to be as important/interesting as somebody like Juliet," as famous by gnemegan. Goodwin could've had more to him. Instep, he kicks the bucket with exceptionally small approximately him ever being appeared.

Libby Smith

Libby's passing was one of the saddest passings in Misplaced, additionally cut brief the screen time of a character that numerous needed to see more of.

A key portion of her appearances was her relationship with Hurley. In any case, due to her inopportune end, the relationship didn't have time to completely create. As Akai_Kori complained, "it p---- me off so much not knowing what she needed from Hurley." Libby had the potential to be a long-running character like Hurley; shockingly, the showrunners had a sadder destiny in intellect for her.

Tom Friendly

Tom served as an adversary and one of the more prominent Others within the arrangement. In spite of his visit scene appearances, be that as it may, a few fans still didn't feel he got sufficient screen time.

Known for his neighborly nature in spite of his activities against the survivors, Tom's deeds demonstrated that he was a perilous adversary. But indeed in spite of the fact that he was a noticeable Other, he as it were showed up in 20 scenes, counting flashbacks. As iamsamwelll says, "I wish he might have popped up within the flash-sideways. He continuously appeared on the level."

Shannon Rutherford

As a fundamental character, Shannon was anticipated to live out a bit longer than she did. But, tragically for fans, she as it were endured a small longer than her stepbrother, Boone.

Shannon is murdered off 6 scenes into season 2, and given how unsympathetic her character appeared to be within the to begin with season, fans wished that they had more time to urge to know her way better and have her character be recovered taking after Boone's passing. Tragically for them, Shannon never got the chance to be completely recovered until her awkward end. Agreeing to MidtownJunk, she was "Gone as well before long."

Danielle Rousseau

After to begin with being at chances with the survivors, Danielle gradually gets to be an critical portion of the gather in afterward scenes. A few Redditors, be that as it may, didn't feel like this was sufficient screen time for her.

Whereas much of Danielle's story was uncovered, her integration into the bunch or her get-together with Alex were not truly touched upon, baffling a few Redditors. As ruthless100 commented, they would've enjoyed "To see her gradually gotten to be more coordinates with the gather and [...see] how her relationship with her girl created." Danielle's mending prepare after being alone for a long time would've been incredible to see. It moreover would have been curiously to see how Alex and Danielle would have reinforced given their gathering in season 4.

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