MHA's Mirko gets a fresh redesign in incredible new Fanart

My Hero Academia has a lot of great costume designs, and this new fanart gives one of its best heroes, Mirko, a new look, and she's dressed to the nines!

In the popular anime world of My Hero Academia, Mirko is a fan-favorite hero whose recognizable bunny-related character design is perfect for cosplay. In this new fanart, Mirko has a fresh, modern redesign that fans will no doubt want to copy!

Shared on Twitter by the username @kadeart, an account all about posting original anime and manga fanart that are barely distinguishable from the real thing. Drawing characters from My Hero Academia, Jiu-Jitsu Battle, and even Psychic Creatures, @kadeart has posted comparison charts of their work over the years, showing their progress in their artistic abilities while also Gives fans some creative inspiration to fight for themselves.

As the character of Rabbit Hero Using Her Quirk to Fight Crime: Mirko, Rumi Usagiyama is the fifth-ranked hero in the My Hero Academia universe, and arguably should be ranked higher if fan love and appreciation levels are any indication. Mirko uses her rabbit-like leg strength as a weapon to directly crush competitors, never takes a fling from anyone, and always puts her own life first when it comes to fighting the good fight as a professional hero The line, even if it means losing a part of myself completely to save the day.

My Hero Academia's Mirko Gets A Modern Redesign

Fully zoomed out so that Mirko's fans and cosplay lovers can see each new addition to her already iconic hero designs, @kadeart did away with Mirko's white one-piece spandex suit and high purple leggings, and instead gave Mirko A similar remix of the same look featured a white fleece-collared jacket and a pair of black leggings; both options gave the My Hero alum a fresh and unique look, which she dressed to the nines. By giving Mirko a sporty black tank top, sneaker-like shoes, and more straps than she's probably ever used to complete the look, @kadeart reimagines Mirko to keep her badass attitude front and center while Without losing her impeccable fashion sense along the way.

So next time my Hero Academia creative team needs to update Mirko's cosmetic choices, they just have to check out @kadeart's incredible fanart redesign for inspiration. Mirko is already one of the most well-designed characters in My Hero Academia, and now thanks to this new look, fans, cosplay creators and alike have another reason to praise her!

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