Marvel's Midnight Sun Picks the Wrong Marvel Team

Marvel's Midnight Sun has plenty of interpersonal drama between its characters, which would have been a better fit for another iconic superteam.

Marvel's Midnight Sun contains many of Marvel's best relationships, a formula that's even more fitting for another iconic superhero team. The tactical card-based RPG features an engaging campaign narrative and an eclectic cast of characters teaming up to defeat Lilith and her demonic army. This includes members of the Avengers, Outlaws, and X-Men, to name a few, joining the team known as the Midnight Sun. However, based on how these characters interact, it might make more sense if they were hosted by another Marvel team.

While one of the novelties of blockbuster Marvel video games is the thrill of assembling a team of personalized superheroes, Marvel's Midnight Sun roster doesn't make sense. Characters like Iron Man, Captain America, and Captain Marvel seemed like anachronistic character choices, holding back more supernatural heroes from being added in support of MCU stars. Plus, the social interactions with these characters feel like they're being forced in, and characters like Magik and Ghost Rider feel right at home in the monastery. If these characters were used in place of other Marvel heroes, the game's social interactions might feel more natural.

The X-Men Would Have Been Better Suited For Marvel's Midnight Suns

X-Men Would be the perfect accompaniment to the Marvel Midnight Suns social setting. The X-Men comics are known for their soapy, character-driven drama, and it's a perfect match for the tone of Marvel's Midnight Sun. Not only that, but The Abbey is essentially the X-Mansion, hosting the wayward group as they band together to fight unresolved battles and form important friendships. The X-Men could have drastically changed the social dynamics of Marvel's Midnight Sun and could lead to a full X-Men game in the future, but the game instead skewed toward the popular Avengers and only had two X-Men, Magik and King Kong Wolf.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Dialogue Fleshes Out Character Backstories

Although the X-Men are missing from Marvel's Midnight Sun, the dialogue between its characters is still engaging and enjoyable. Firaxis Games invested time and effort into providing each character with unique dialogue and dialogue options, bringing the Avengers, The Runaways, and every member of the X-Men to life. Bonding with these characters throughout the Abbey for loyalty and better cards, while exploring each of their vibrant backstories, is a great motivator for chatting with countless heroes across the campus.

The game is still in development, with Marvel's Midnight Sun ending set DLC to introduce four new characters, including another X-Men, Storm. It's even possible that more X-Men will be added to Marvel's Midnight Sun roster over the course of the game's lifetime. As the game's gameplay and popularity continue to grow, it seems more likely that the X-Men's dramatic, soapy energy will show up in Marvel's Midnight Sun, one character at a time.

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