Marvel's Healthiest Team Turns into Vampires in New Peach Peach Cover

The newly revealed X-Men Peach variant cover: Unforgiven turns Marvel's first teenage superteam Power Pack into bloodthirsty vampires!

Acclaimed artist Peach Momoko's new cover for the upcoming X-Men: Unforgiven #1 reveals that Marvel's healthiest group of superheroes -- cute yet powerful packs of power -- might be upgraded to vampires in the near future.

The Power Pack - made up of siblings Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie Powers - was first introduced in 1984 as Marvel's first underage superhero team to fight crime without adult supervision and quickly became a fan favorite. favorite team. In recent years, the Power Pack has been primarily associated with Franklin Richards and the Fantastic Four's future foundation after years of internal turmoil and growth, but also has a long history with the X-Men, making Momoko's X-Men The variant cover of the Power sibling in the title makes more sense.

Many Marvel fans love Power Packs and will be very excited to see the Power Family reunite after their last major appearance in the 2020 limited series Power Pack: Outlawed, which featured older siblings Alex and Julie with younger siblings Katie and Jack reunite to fight unfair laws against teenage superheroes. Unforgiven event occurs Over 3 different one-off comics, Spider-Man: Unforgiven, X-Men: Unforgiven and Avengers: Unforgiven, and heroic vampire team The Forgiven joins forces with Spider-Man, X-Men and Captain America to fight crime and bring down The evil ex-sorceress Salome Supreme. The Forgiven first appeared in 2011's Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula as a team of non-evil vampires led by Kodorezzo who follow Captain America's example in rejecting the way many people kill Vampire Nation instead chose to use their abilities for the greater good. While X-Men: Unforgiven Summary—written by Tim Seeley, with art by Sid Kotian—doesn't say anything about the power pack, if Momoko's variant cover is to be believed, The Power Siblings, then, seem to be returning on a massive scale, either as allies of Forgiven or agents of Salomé.

The Power Pack Are Adorably Vicious As Vampiric Children

The Forgiven's constant attempts to deny their bloodthirsty nature will go head-to-head with Salomé's plan to turn the world's vampires into their most violent selves, forcing the Forgiven to team up with various Marvel heroes and venture into Marvel's deep, dark corner monster universe. X-Men: Unforgiven focuses on the Forgiven teaming up with ex-vampire Jubilee, who is taught by the Forgiven how to be a "good vampire" during his ongoing battle with Salome. And, if Marvel wanted to bring a random but beloved group of superheroes into Vampire Wars, the Ball family would actually make a lot of sense. The Power Siblings played a huge role in many X-Men events throughout the 80's such as Mutant Massacre, Fall of the Mutants and Inferno, and were even considered mutants for a long time in publication, some of their enemies tried to To prove their mutant genes so they can oppress them more easily. Momoko's gorgeous cover uses beautiful watercolors to transform the four Power siblings into vampires, complete with fangs, capes, and a ghostly cloud rising behind them. Unfortunately, it's also a common practice to tie variant covers of upcoming comics tangentially to the plot, which means that Peach Momoko's stunning variant cover for X-Men: Unforgiven might just be an interesting take on the classic Marvel team-up. A vampire twist, and doesn't mean that the Power Pack will appear or turn into a vampire.

hope for the strength of beloved The Pack did appear alongside the X-Men's Jubilee, teaming up with the Forgiven vampire to stop the evil Salomé from bringing more darkness into the Marvel universe, but Peach Momoko's vampire mutant cover will remain a true delight for Marvel fans regardless of the first teenager hero team.

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