Marvel Turns Wolverine into a Joke, a Powers Change

In Marvel Comics' expansive multiverse, there's a version of Wolverine that proves that an X-Men hero can be a joke with just one power change.

It's safe to say that Wolverine is one of the strongest, deadliest, and overall most menacing heroes in all of Marvel Comics, as his healing factor keeps him from being killed (more or less), And his indestructible razor-sharp claws mean there's almost nothing he can't kill - yet, despite his best efforts to prove himself a true living weapon, one power change is enough to turn Wolverine into a total joke.

James "Logan" Howlett aka Wolverine is a mutant with heightened sensory strength, a healing factor, and six retractable claws protruding from his fist. While he was born to be an apex predator, one group believes Logan could become even deadlier: Weapon X. Weapon X is an offshoot of the Weapon Plus program, which focuses on turning mutants into controllable weapons through routine mind erasure and memory tampering. With Wolverine, however, Weapon X goes one step further. The program started with diamond (one of the strongest metals in the world), and considering Wolverine's mutation, Weapon X scientists thought they could bond the metal to his skeleton - turning his bone claws into diamond claws , while providing him with an impenetrable inner armor.

what if…? #100 by Ivan Velez Jr. and Klaus Janson from 1997's What If...? Special issue commemorating the 100th anniversary of Volume 2 Issue. While having a storyline involving Gambit, Mister Sinister, and Rogue is disturbing metadata, a good deal of the comic is devoted to showing some Marvel-based What If...? multiverse. One of them starred in an alternate version of Wolverine named Wolver-Wimp, who had a Styrofoam skeleton instead of an adamantine one, and whose nemesis was a mean little girl named Magineto — teased on the cover Say, in this hypothetical comic, Magineto would have successfully ripped Wolver-Wimp's Styrofoam skeleton from his body.

Wolver-Wimp’s Apparent Defeat Mirrors that of Earth-616 Wolverine (In the Worst Way)

The absurdity of the concept is obviously comical, but it's even more so when considering it's what actually happened to Wolverine in the main MCU on Earth 616 - when Logan challenged Magneto. In the X-Men crossover event "Fatal Attraction", Magneto created a mutant safe haven in space called Asteroid M. The X-Men believed that Magneto was going to destroy the earth, so he launched an attack on him. During the battle between Magneto and the X-Men, The Magneto finally had enough and took out the X-Men's deadliest fighter in the most brutal fashion imaginable - he ripped the adamantine from Wolverine's skeleton.

Wolver-Wimp appears to be facing a similar fate, as "Maggie Neato" will rip off his Styrofoam skeleton in the same way "Magneto" rips off Wolverine's diamond skeleton. However, aside from this multiverse symmetry, the main thing to keep in mind here is that if for some reason Weapon X chose to wrap his bones in Styrofoam instead of diamonds, Earth-616 Wolverine could look like Wolver-Wimp - meaning that with just one change of power, Wolverine could turn into a complete joke, like he was in Marvel Comics' "What If..."? Anniversary question.

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