Major Siesta Fans Start This Season Like Jordana Barnes

Though Jordana Barnes wasn't initially a fan when she first joined the MTV reality series, Siesta fans grew to love her.

Jordana Barnes showed a different side of herself in Siesta Key: Miami Moves, and fans loved it. When Jordana first joined the series, she was introduced as an old friend of Sam Logan, who hired him to paint a portrait of then-girlfriend Juliette Porter. Juliette questions Jordana's intentions for Sam, thinking she may have romantic feelings for him. Later, while vacationing on a tropical island, Jordana joked that she wanted to make out with Sam. Fans felt her behavior was immature and disrespectful, and until this season, they didn't want to see her on the show at all. Recently, however, things have changed.

After recent episodes, Siesta Key fans have changed their minds about Jordana. On their Instagram Stories, the popular account @mtv_reality_teaa asked fans what they thought of the recent Siesta Key episode, and many responded with praise for Jordana. "Jordana is truly a genuine person. I wish more people could see that," wrote one fan, while another added, "I feel like we've seen it this season More real Jordana, I love it/her!!" Siesta Key fans also said that Jordana is becoming more likable, and they enjoyed watching her talk to Juliette in the latest episode. They admit they'd like to see Siesta Key show Jordana's good side more often.

Siesta Key Showed A Better Side Of Jordana This Season

Although Jordana was introduced on the show as someone who was trying to get in the way of Juliet and Sam's relationship, the narrative changed this season. Last season, Jordana briefly mentioned her older brother, Brendon Barnes, who died at age 15 in a hit-and-run. Jordana talked about it more this season when her mom visited her in Miami, and they took Sam on a tour of Brandon's memorial. In an Instagram Q&A, Juliet admitted she no longer has any issues with Jordana. She says she really likes her and thinks she's a lot more complicated than Siesta Key portrays her.

Juliette proved her words correct. Jordana is a lot more complex than previous Siesta Key seasons have shown her. Since Juliet and Sam aren't together, she has no reason to be threatened by Jordana. Since the series can no longer pit them against each other, they offer Jordana a more flattering cut. While her stay at Sam's house didn't paint her in the best light, most fans still sympathized with her. Jordana also tends to Focus on your career instead of fighting actors like some other Siesta Key stars have.

Jordana exposed her vulnerable side when speaking about her brother, which made it easy for fans to relate to her. Fans are more likely to relate to a star who has been through a tough time than a star who started drama for the sake of screen time. When Jordana was no longer at the center of the drama, fans warmed up to her. They also loved seeing her friendship with Madisson Hausburg because it was so genuine. They have a special bond because they've both dealt with grief. Jordana has been a joy to watch this season, and it's great that Siesta Key fans let go of their distaste for her.

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Siesta Key Miami Moves airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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