Love Island UK season 2: Which couples are still together (and which aren't)?

Love Island season 2 aired seven years ago, and the cast has been busy since the finale. While some couples find true love, others don't last long.

Season 9 of Love Island will bring fans at the start of the new year, marking the show's second winter season, with season one arriving in 2020. As fans prepare for the hot new bombshell's arrival at the villa, many of the couples fans have fallen in love with early in the series have undergone dramatic life changes, from big breakups to lavish weddings to Welcome children into this world.

The season 2 couples made headlines for their hookups and antics on and off the show, but seven years later, it's clear the entire cast has experienced love and loss.

Cara & Nathan - Still Together

Bonded on day one, Nathan and Cara leave the villa not only as the winners of the show, but also with the love of their lives. Since joining the show, Nathan and Cara have married and are raising their two children, according to Cara's Instagram feed.

But that's not all the couple has been up to since they left the show. Cara co-owns an embroidery company called Embroidery By FJ, which makes personalized clothing for children, while golf enthusiast Nathan is an ambassador for Callaway Golf Europe (according to Instagram). as Love Island, one of the award-winning couples of Kara and Nathan, proves true love can be found everywhere, even on reality TV.

Alex & Olivia - Still Together

Love Island season 2 holds a special place in the hearts of fans, in part because the first two couples who left the villa were not only together but also had children. According to Alex's Instagram, Alex and Olivia married in 2022 with a son and love being parents.

Alex and Olivia have been sharing their lives on their social media, and now that little Abel is grown up, they work as bloggers and pursue passion projects that the show allows them to focus on, like Olivia Ya has horses and rides, as pictured here on her Instagram.

Kady & Scott - No Longer Together

According to Captial FM, Kady and Scott, who left the villa as a third, lived together after moving into the villa, but broke up in the summer of 2017. They reconciled only to split time again in the December 2017 finale. Kady said the breakup was due to differences in lifestyle and where the two were in life, and the endless arguments were too much.

According to On her Instagram, Kady is now single and living an influential life, traveling the world and modeling for various clothing brands. According to his Instagram, Scott, who is also single, enjoys playing the role of uncle to his brother's two children while pursuing a career as a presenter.

Katie & Adam M - No Longer Together

Katie and Adam M. express their love for each other in creative ways while living in the cottage, which led to the meme summarizing life on Love Island. But according to Metro UK, the duo also found creative ways to describe why they broke up and were the first pair to break up in season two.

Since then, Katie has welcomed a baby girl in 2022 on her Instagram and got engaged in 2021, according to Metro UK. Sadly, the pair split six months after their daughter was born, according to The Mirror. According to Adam's Instagram, he is also single, focused on his career as a professional wrestler, and has no children.

Emma & Terry - No Longer Together

Emma and Terry became one of the villa's most notorious couples, as their hookup aired on the show for everyone in the family to see. Although the duo seemed to have found eternal love, the couple split after eight months together, according to Capital FM, but remained friends.

Emma is now the proud mother of a four-year-old boy, who she often gushes about on her Instagram, and is single. Terry is also the parent of a daughter he and fiancee Danielle Purdy are expecting in 2021, according to Danielle's Instagram.

Lauren & Adam - No Longer Together

Lauren and Adam were a match made in heaven at the villa, but shortly after they were eliminated, the two broke up. Although some things about Love Island were fake according to the cast, Lauren's wedding was real. The British Sun newspaper reports that Lauren is due to marry in Rome in May 2022. According to Lauren's Instagram feed, the wedding took place over several days in Italy and was lavish, with Lauren wearing several designer outfits.

Adam is also in love with his fiancée Megan and is expecting their first child together (according to Heat World). Although the couple has not found love, they seem to have found their respective happiness.

Rachel & Rykard - No Longer Together

Rachel and Rykard have one of the sweetest The moment in Love Island history when Rykard said he wouldn't continue the show without Rachel, after the villa, the two had a romance that lasted a year and a half, which was a lifetime as far as the show was concerned, but as The Mirror reports that they quit.

According to his Instagram, Rykard is single and focused on his career as a beautician and director of the Rejuvenation Clinic in the UK. Rachel now lives in Dubai and, according to her Instagram, has been in a relationship for over a year and is enjoying her new lifestyle.

Tom & Sophie - No Longer Together

While some fans are still figuring out which couples are still together in Love Island season 8 and which aren't, one couple who didn't make it to the villa long after was Tom and Sophie. Initially, their relationship seemed to be over when Tom quit the show after his ex Emma showed up, but after a brief date with Katie, Sophie stepped out to be with Tom. According to Digital Spy, the pair's split was a mess, with each accusing the other of infidelity, leaving no hope of a reconciliation.

According to his Instagram, Tom is single and committed to his career as a lifestyle coach. According to the British "Mirror" report, Sophie fell in love with her boyfriend Aaron in 2018, but just a few weeks after the two were together, Sophie died unfortunately, and Aaron took his own life a few weeks later.

Tom & Malin - No Longer Together

According to Metro UK, the Love Island villa mates gave the romance a chance, although they never bonded on the show. Tom notes that their pairing was random and, in the end, their love wasn't meant to be.

According to Heat World, Tom and Australian star Tamara Joy fell in love at first sight until the 2021 coronavirus lockdown separated the pair. Yahoo! The Athletic reported that Marin split from boyfriend Jared shortly after giving birth to their daughter and is now single and co-parenting.

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