Lord of the Rings' Tom Bombadil Location During Ring of Power

Tom Bombadil was cut from the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, but is alive in the Ring of Power. This is where he lived in the Second Age.

Tom Bombadil didn't make an appearance in The Ring of Thrones season 1, but he's definitely lurking somewhere in Amazon's Middle-earth series. In J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, four traveling hobbits encounter a stranger named Tom Bombadil before reaching Bree, where Tom and his equally mysterious wife Go Their adventures took a brief break in the company of Deberry. Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films cut Bombardier for pacing purposes, but it could also be because Tolkien barely revealed the character. The nature, purpose, and history of Tom Bombardier are almost entirely unknown in Tolkien's rich saga.

However, the enigmatic Tom Bombadil is one of the few Lord of the Rings characters old enough to appear in The Lord of the Rings. According to The Fellowship of the Ring, Bombadil has existed since the dawn of Middle-earth, predating the arrival of Morgoth and the awakening of the Elves. Ring of Power made no bones about introducing familiar characters, bending over to introduce Isildur, Erendil and a wizard who was strongly hinted to be Gandalf, but Tom Bombadil was absent from Ring of Power season 1 middle. Fortunately, Open the door for bearded curiosities in Season 2.

Where Tom Bombadil Is During The Rings Of Power

Tom Bombardier lived in the Old Forest during Lord of the Rings, and while Tolkien never explicitly revealed when he settled there, it was almost certainly before the Amazon's Second Age timeline, when the woodlands spanned a larger area Time. In fact, The Fellowship of the Ring explains how Bombadil has near-infinite power within his forest domain and rarely ventures beyond his own borders. Given the scant details available, Tom Bombadil is likely relaxing with Goldberry in Withywindle in The Old Forest while The Ring of Power is happening, making him an easy character to include in season 2.

In The Lord of the Rings, Tom Bombadil's woodland kingdom is located east of the Shire - an area not yet established in The Ring of Power. On the map of the Second Age, the lands of Bombadil lie almost directly between the provinces of Lindon and Eregion of Gilgalad on the west coast, eastward toward Moria, where Elrond, Durin IV, and The iterative journey that Gilgalad et al. did throughout Ring of Power season 1. These treks take place off-screen, and so far are suspiciously quick, but Just as Frodo's company quite accidentally ran into Tom Bombadil on their quest, the same could happen to the elves and dwarves of the Ring of Power.

Tom Bombadil In The Rings Of Power Can Explain A LOTR Mystery

Due to Tom Bombardier's long tenure in Middle-earth, Tom Bombardier is a figure of folk legend among most species, but a few know him better. One of the spirits familiar with the "strange creatures" of the Old Forest is Elrond, who claims to have known Tom Bombadil long before The Lord of the Rings. Predictably, Tolkien never explained exactly when Elrond met Bombadil, nor the circumstances of their encounter. Ring of Power takes place at the right time to showcase this potential meeting, revealing how Elrond knew so much about Lord of the Rings' Tom Bombardier -- or at least more than most .

The greatest challenge of The Lord of the Rings was getting Tom Bombardier into the story, because even in Tolkien's original book, Frodo's time with Bombardier and Goldberry has little to do with the plot of The Lord of the Rings – — which is another reason why the segment was omitted from Peter Jackson's film. Similar to his introduction to Frodo, Bombadil can save Elrond from his enemies. with Sauron Back on topic, the attack on the elves will increase, and it's entirely possible that Elrond will be attacked between Lindon and Eregion. To make Tom even more relatable, the mythical forest dweller could even provide the spark of inspiration for Elrond to find Rivendell in The Ring of Power.

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