LoH: Footsteps from scratch - every DP event in Chapter 2

Players who complete side quests other than the main quest in LoH: Trail From Zero earn Detective Points (DP) and receive substantial rewards.

Players who follow Lloyd and his friends in The Legend of Heroes: A Story From Zero will find themselves earning Detective Points (DP) as they complete various missions assigned by Special Support Service (SSS) police, especially in-game Chapter 2. Players can earn these points by completing side quests or by correctly responding to certain prompts during the main quest, and then receive various valuable rewards related to their overall Detective level. During the two days that take place during Chapter 2, if players find and collect all available Detective Points, they have a chance to earn three valuable items.

63 Detective Points are discovered on Days 1 and 2 of Chapter 2, and are marked as main story events or side quests when the player encounters them. While each objective has a certain amount of DP the player may receive, there are multiple progressions in some of these challenges that the player must pass in order to earn points. Similar to "LoH: Exploration from Scratch" where players have the opportunity to increase party members' fetters, many opportunities to obtain DP may be missed, so that players cannot Make highest detective level or hidden trophies/achievements tied to all DP seen in game.

Day One DP Events in Chapter 2

Side quests typically appear in the SSS computer at the beginning of the day the player finds themselves on, and are added to their journal, with updates regarding the amount of progress achieved through the specific objective associated with them. The first day of Chapter 2 features three side quests and two main story events that create the potential for players to earn 22 DP. Day 1 has no hidden quests or quests, so players can find each DP with relative ease at the beginning of this part of the narrative.

Players should consider the same strategy for hunting rare enemies in LoH: Trails from Scratch when dealing with hints related to the main story event. By periodically saving their game, players can reload before dialogue or prompts appear, correcting mistakes that would otherwise cause them to lose DP. The game itself does not inform players of what they are missing, thus encouraging players to be careful when making these choices.

Although many of them Side quests are as simple as West Crossbell Highway Monster Extermination, and the other two objectives here have their own requirements that players must complete in order to earn the associated DP. Thankfully, players at least don't have to worry about picking the right hints in side quests as much as they do in the main story campaign. Instead, the only point of focus is the current parameters the game presents during missions, which can always be checked in Lloyd's Magazine when looking for DP bonuses in LoH: Footprints from Scratch.

Day Two DP Events in Chapter 2

On Day 2 of Chapter 2 there are far more opportunities to collect DP than in the previous episodes of the story, and players may discover three new main story events and five side quests. This time around, there are some hidden targets that won't appear at the start of the day, and players will need to track down for the relevant DP. The main story events of Day 2 are also linked due to the hint that the DP is part of the same mission. Players will once again have to complete these challenges to get a chance Get as much DP and items as possible to upgrade their gear in LoH: Footsteps from Scratch.

Players working on the Fishing for Ingredients side quest may find it a bit tedious when trying to bring back the fish marked "slender" and "slender" by the quested character Shan. However, the type of eel fits exactly what the owner of Lao's Tavern & Inn wanted, giving players the chance to catch just five of the creatures, using earthworms as their primary bait.

Not every side quest and main quest DP event in The Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero Chapter 2 required such attention to detail, but players who are aware of these small loopholes can earn Strike Quartz, Justice Coin and Ingenuity Quartz They were reviewed.

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