Knives Out fans are losing their minds over Benoit Blanc's glass onion set

Knives Out fans loved Benoit Blanc's costume in Glass Onion, with some on Twitter hailing him as the best dressed character of 2022.

Knives Out fans are losing their minds with Benoit Blanc's Glass Onion: Knives Out Knives Outfit. Glass Onion is the sequel to Rian Johnson's 2019 murder mystery Knives Out, which opened to huge critical acclaim. The series stars Daniel Craig as private eye Benoit Blanc, who is hired to investigate a murder mystery. Glass Onion had a limited theatrical week in November before streaming exclusively on Netflix on December 23. Like Knockout, the Netflix film features an all-star cast that includes Edward Norton, Janelle Monae, Dave Bautista, and Kate Hudson.

Since Netflix released Glass Onion, Knives Out fans have gone crazy on Twitter about Blanc's Mediterranean look in the film. Glass Onion saw Craig's Blanc in layered pink, blue and beige, with an array of colorful ties and lots of stripes. Twitter users have been praising Blank's looks, calling him "the best dressed person of 2022." Check out some of the tweets below:

How Benoit Blanc Is The Best Modern Private Detective

While Glass Onion reveals more about Blanc's character than Knockout, including the fact that Blanc is typically gay, director Rian Johnson says there's no chance that Blanc will get his own prequel movie. Instead, Johnson said he Prefers to focus on the mysteries of each Wilderness movie rather than delving into any one character. However, fans of the series are asking for more of Benoit Blanc, with some even calling him the best modern private eye.

Unlike other modern detectives in pop culture, who seem to be primarily influenced by Sherlock Holmes, Benoit Blanc is a fresh approach to the classic character archetype. Blank, who doesn't wear dark professional attire and speaks with a strong southern accent, is far more straightforward, rude and humorous than other private investigators. Blank's character is a perfect fit for Johnson's murder mysteries, which also take on the same colorful and salacious tone that made the Knockout series stand out from other mysteries.

Where Knives Out 3 Could Take Blanc

In 2020, Netflix purchased two Knives Out sequels, which means that after Glass Onion, there will be at least one more film in the series to come. While there's no release date yet, Craig has confirmed his return, and his participation was a condition of Netflix's purchase. Similar to how Knives Out didn't set Glass Onion, the sequel films didn't set any particular path for Blanc, as each film was very Independent detective fiction. Since Blanc has already visited a mansion in Massachusetts and a yacht in Greece, Knockout 3 could take Benoit Blanc anywhere -- and Glass Onion viewers can't wait to see the private eye's latest closet.

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