Kirby IS Within The Shout 6 Trailer (You Fair Missed Her!)

The primary secret trailer for Shout 6 is out, and it may have fair given a to begin with see at a major returning character: Shout 4's Kirby Reed.

The primary trailer for Shout 6 is out, and numerous watchers were disillusioned when arrangement favorite Kirby Reed didn't make an appearance - but she really is within the trailer. The brief secret trailer appears Jenna Ortega's Tara Carpenter and her companions on a tram some time recently being assaulted by Ghostface, affirming the return of a few characters from Shout 5. In any case, the primary Shout 6 trailer too affirmed the return of Shout 4's Kirby Reed in an awfully brief shot.

Kirby Reed, played by Hayden Panettiere, to begin with showed up in 2011's Shout 4, with the character being the leading companion of the cousin of arrangement star Sidney Prescott. Kirby may be a frightfulness movie-obsessed adolescent, proceeding the Shout franchise's paradigm that has been around since the first film. At the conclusion of Scream 4, Kirby is wounded within the stomach by Charlie, one of the film's executioners, with her destiny cleared out unverified. This changed in 2022's Shout 5, in which a YouTube video titled "Meet With Woodsboro Survivor Kirby Reed" can be seen, acting as an Easter egg affirming Kirby is lively.

Kirby Is Standing Next To Tara In The Scream 6 Trailer

In spite of the fact that not expressly appeared, a small portion of Kirby Reed can be seen within the Shout 6 trailer. In one of the shots including Tara, the bear of a blonde young lady in a calfskin coat can be seen on the cleared out side of the screen. This lines up with spilled Shout 6 set photographs appearing that Hayden Panettiere will return in Shout 6.

Whereas one shot of a character's bear and hair may be modest, another shot all but affirms that the individual in address is Kirby Reed. In another shot appearing Tara within the Shout 6 trailer, a nun can be seen within the closer view, covering the cleared out side of the screen. A few have theorized that the studio put this sister here to cover up Kirby Reed, anticipating her Scream 6 return from being authoritatively ruined within the trailer. The sister can't be seen in any other shots within the trailer, making this hypothesis indeed more likely.

Why The Scream 6 Trailer Is Hiding Kirby

The Shout 6 trailer is clearly stowing away Kirby, and Vital has great reason to keep her return a mystery. In Shout 4, Kirby was a fan-favorite character, meaning that her Shout 6 return will be a enormous bargain for longtime Shout fans. In spite of the fact that it's as of now been ruined by the spilled set photographs, Fundamental likely doesn't need to authoritatively uncover Kirby's return until the primary official trailer, or maybe even the motion picture. Rather than making her huge uncover fair a see with no discourse, the Shout 6 trailer is covering up Kirby's return to allow her a much grander entrance.

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