Kerri Kenney-Silver Meet: RENO 911! It's A Brilliant Heist

RENO 911!: It's A Superb Heist co-writer and star Kerri Kenney-Silver talks about the speedy return of the main bunch and their potential future.

The occasion season is getting a amusing, and heist-filled, turn with RENO 911!: It's A Superb Heist. The Comedy Central extraordinary picks up with the cherished bunch of officers as they attempt to ensure a nearby landmark from being stolen by an obscure suspect.

Thomas Lennon and Kerri Kenney-Silver return to lead the cast of RENO 911!: It's A Brilliant Heist nearby establishment vets Ian Roberts, Niecy Nash, Cedric Yarbrough, Wendi McClendon-Covey, Carlos Alazraqui, Mary Birdsong and Joe Lo Truglio. Arriving about 20 a long time after the establishment to begin with propelled, the comedy extraordinary proceeds to discover the gather in entertaining and best frame.

In honor of the special's debut on Comedy Central, Screen Tirade talked only with co-writer and star Kerri Kenney-Silver to talk about RENO 911!: It's A Brilliant Heist, bringing back fan-favorite repeating characters, and the franchise's potential future.

Kerri Kenney-Silver on RENO 911!: It's A Wonderful Heist

Screen Rage: I continuously cherish getting to chat with you and the RENO 911! bunch, and It's a Superb Heist is fair another fun chapter in this group's life. How did the concept for this one come approximately?

Kerri Kenney-Silver: Comedy Central reached out and said, "Do you guys want to do a Christmas special?" It was on the heels of last year's movie, so I think we hadn't even really taken a breath. Our first reaction was like, "Of course not, we had need to take a nap." Then we realized we don't need to take a nap, let's make another movie. It just popped up! They said, "Do you want to do this?" and we said, "Yeah!" Since we started this way back in the aughts, it's funny how it just keeps popping up from different places, and you never know where. But it's so nice to be back home on Comedy Central. It's such a full-circle moment.

It is lovely curiously to see the different courses that this appear has taken to remain on the discuss. What would you say is diverse going into the imaginative prepare for a film in comparison to a season?

Kerri Kenney-Silver: Of course you need a longer [story], you need a through line, and our episodes don't really tell stories. There'll be little rudders, but they stand alone. This needs to have a narrative for 90 minutes, but we take it very loosely. It still is at its heart, I think, a sketch show. The movie is a lot of little bits put together. Because we like to keep it moving and like to keep it funny and pop in and out, but certainly the difference is having a through line that carries through the entire story.

The film opens up nearly with an It's A Superb Life setup, which I found to be silly, particularly considering it was Terry directing the travel.

Kerri Kenney-Silver: [Laughs] Yes, well, who else? Who else?

Was there any point you considered making your possess full spoof adaptation?

Kerri Kenney-Silver: It was a fun opener. The reason I laughed when you mentioned starting out with It's A Wonderful Life is, as you can see, we abandoned it real quick. [Laughs] It was a great vehicle to get us in to the movie, but at a certain point, I feel like parody can often be a bit exhausting. Like, "Oh, we have to come back to this now, how are we going to tie this back to the original story?" We used it really as a sort of opening-the-curtain-moment of, "Here we are in a Christmas movie! You're familiar with this. It's the cops you're familiar with, and a Christmas story you're familiar with." And then it unravels from there into our own heist movie.

It was incredible to have seen Scratch Swardson back after being missing for QAnon and for the Roku season. Was it continuously the arrange to have him back opening this film, or was that kind of a planning opportunity to have him come back for this one?

Kerri Kenney-Silver: It's always a dream to have Nick. The question is, "Is Nick going to be in the state during the brief 10 days that we're shooting the movie, or 20 days that we're shooting the season" or whatever it is. We shoot so quickly, and it's very specific and exact and can't move around a whole lot, so we got really lucky is what happened.

What was your to begin with response to seeing him back within the shorts and the skates and making a difference Dangle on that opening travel?

Kerri Kenney-Silver: Well, it was surreal for me because I'm sitting down on the ground, watching a monitor while these guys are being lifted in a crane up on top of the mall. Just that was surreal enough, it's also 110 degrees where we're shooting, because it's August in the Valley, in California, in Los Angeles, and we're shooting a Christmas movie, so we're in coats with snow, and palm trees, and it's 110 degrees. The whole thing was a surreal fever dream, to be honest, but I'm always surprised how not surprising it is to be back and to see people back in their costumes. It is just familiar family, it's like there's the first 10 seconds when someone steps out of the trailer dressed in their old costume where it's like, "Oh, my gosh, look at you again!" Then it just makes sense, it just is, and we've lived in this world off and on for so many years, so it just feels very familiar after a while.

I do love that Niecy too need to play T.T. for this one, who I feel like we too have not seen in a whereas. Was that her thought to bring that character back, or was that yours to have her come back?

Kerri Kenney-Silver: We always want T.T. back, but Niecy said right in the very beginning while we were talking about even doing it, she said, "Can T.T. be there?" and we said, "Of course T.T. can be there!" [Chuckles] We were scouting in the mall, trying to keep the locations to a minimum, and we found a bounce house place, and we were like, "Okay, well that's done, that piece is done." She wanted to do it, but we're always elated to have T.T.

What was it like getting the film that particular grouping? There was a small additional fashion with the camera running through the bounce house with everyone?

Kerri Kenney-Silver: It was ridiculous, and one of the most fun days, mostly because I was just able to sit and watch. [Laughs] I love those sort of classic RENO 911! scenes where it's really about the relationship between the people, and it's not some big construct about someone got their hand caught in here, and we have to explain why this happened. It's simply just T.T. is loose in the bounce house, and these guys, we always do Jones and Garcia with her, so it was the old standard, and it did not disappoint.

It unquestionably makes me snicker each time T.T. comes on the screen. As well as Jackie, who appears to fair dynamically go downhill each time we see her.

Kerri Kenney-Silver: Oh, well somebody pointed out to me on social media recently, "Wait, isn't Jackie dead?" [Chuckles] And she did die, but it's RENO, people come back to life all the time. It's a place of miracles. I love playing Jackie, it's completely cathartic, I go into like a trance. It's almost like I need to do it once a year. I need to strap on those ripped fishnets, and I was happy to not be in a real dumpster this time, which is rare for her.

You did discover a fun unused area to trap her in!

Kerri Kenney-Silver: Yeah, but everyone at least once in their life should be able to put on a costume like that and run around in circles in public and scream at the top of their lungs, just stream of conscious, it is so exhilarating. Afterwards, I always feel like I've had like a cosmic purge.

I'm happy that you're able to have that association with her. How's long run looking? You keep coming back for specials and seasons, but do you have got more fabric within the works that we have however to see?

Kerri Kenney-Silver: We have material always. The question is, "Do people want to keep seeing it?" and if they do, we're ready. We're always hoping they're going to want more, we're always also surprised when they do call. Of course, it's a formula that we slip into very easily, so we don't have to reinvent the wheel each time they call, and we've got a lot of people that love to come out and play. In the Roku episodes, Jamie Lee Curtis had reached out and said, "Hey, I want to do this with you," so she came out. This one, we had Jim Jefferies and Bobby Moynihan, and all these incredible people, and then just recently on social media, a couple of really major dream celebrities have reached out and said, "Hey, if you guys keep going, I want to come be on it." So yeah, it's always surprising to us, but so exciting, so hopefully, we'll get to do more, and you'll see more fun cameos.

Indeed in spite of the fact that you do not truly have a throughline, as distant as plot goes, do you ever conversation with the gather approximately what a fun final venture may well be for RENO one day?

Kerri Kenney-Silver: Never, never. Because you can't really do that in this day and age where things just keep coming back. I mean, like you said, we've killed people on the show, and they've come back. [Chuckles] There's really no such thing as final for this, which is very comforting to us all. It's like coming home for all of us. It's like coming home, and no matter what other projects we're doing, no matter what the level of them is, it's always fun to come back and play with your best friends with your family.

Presently that you've handled Christmas in a feature-length uncommon for RENO, is there any other occasion that you simply would adore to urge to investigate through that focal point?

Kerri Kenney-Silver: My dream is Halloween, because I can imagine that Halloween in RENO is, at least around the sheriff's station, probably a bit of a s--t show, a delightful s--t show. So that's what I'm hoping for. I will also say that we didn't we didn't do everything that could be done on Christmas, there's always next year. [Chuckles]

About RENO 911!: It's A Wonderful Heist

It’s Occasion Season in Reno, and Lieutenant Dangle wishes he’d never been born. With the assistance of a roller skating “Angel,” he learns how much superior the lives of the other agents would be in the event that he never existed. Will he choose to live on besides? There’s still Christmas hoodlums to capture!

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