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We all know that the Yellow Lantern is the Green Lantern's enemy, but what happens when the Green Lantern takes over and starts turning the Legion for the good?

Many Green Lanterns have been in and out of the ranks of the Justice League, but few have found a place in the Yellow Lantern Corps, the resident "evil" Lanterns who terrorize the universe with fear. Seen as villains by their place in the Lanterns, Sinestro takes the lead against the Green Lanterns in a fight for justice. But that's not always the case.

For most of their membership and history, the Yellow Lanterns have been powerful, and made even more powerful by their most heinous acts in the galaxy. Under Sinestro's leadership, the Yellow Lanterns use fear as the controlling weapon of the "Legion of Sinestro". But what if a different Lantern were to take on a leadership role and give its troops new missions? Fans needn't wonder, as the comics have already shown the possibility of a newer Green Lantern taking Sinestro's place as the top Yellow Lantern.

In Justice League Vol. 3 #27 As revealed by Bryan Hitch, Fernando Pasarin, and Oclair Albert, Lantern Simon Baz will be a Yellow Lantern in the future. The Justice League kids visit their parents in the modern DC universe to tell them about their adventures in the future and reveals that Simon actually killed Sinestro and took over. He becomes Supreme Yellow Lantern and leads the Legion, and the kids don't seem to have any ill intentions for him. So it can be assumed that, in the future, Simon begins to lead the Lanterns into a force for good and makes significant changes to their actions.

Yellow Lanterns Become Good Under Simon Baz's Leadership

While Simon Baz's time as Yellow Lantern is only mentioned in passing, one Green Lantern has worn the ring longer and is still wearing it: Simon's co-star Jessica Cruz Cruz), she was the host of Yellow Lantern during Future State: Green Lantern with Jeffrey Thorne, Tom Lani and Michael Attier. She removed it out of necessity when the central power cell exploded and the Green Lantern didn't have the green ring. Although it was used out of necessity, Jessica was able to find a way to use it permanently and even saved a crashed ship with this power. She sets an example of how rings can be used for the good of the universe and as her partner Simon can easily figure out how to use them Just like her. He was chosen to be the ring bearer because of his kindness and strong will, so it's safe to assume he'll take it to the Yellow Lantern Corps.

Under his leadership, the Yellow Lanterns could easily become a powerful enough Legion to fight alongside the Green Lanterns and protect half the galaxy. While it hasn't happened yet, Simon's change will show the rest of the Lantern Corps that fear doesn't have to be evil. Emotions are never inherently bad, it's what the user does to those emotions that makes them good or bad, as demonstrated by DC's main Green Lantern entering another Legion and mastering this range of emotions. With Sinestro gone, the Lanterns are freed from the influence of Hal Jordan's nemesis, and with Simon's experience as Green Lantern, they can learn how to be heroes.

The Yellow Lantern is one of the most powerful characters in DC, but is rarely used as a permanent power. Their power is shown through their evil deeds, which are directly led by the villain Sinestro, who manipulates the Legion members to his will. However, With the will of the Green Lantern and the help of the Justice League, the Yellow Lantern Corps can become one of the most powerful heroes.

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