Joker Calls Out Anybody Who Considers Ruddy Hood Could be a Saint

The Joker isn't precisely a paragon of ideals, but indeed the Clown Sovereign of Wrongdoing knows when to call out a saint like Ruddy Hood when they've gone as well distant.

Warning: Contains spoilers for The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #3!

The Joker has never had any issues expressing what he needs or what he considers of other individuals, which is precisely what he did when he pointed out that Ruddy Hood most certainly isn't a saint. Whereas he may not be a paragon of ethicalness, the Joker has never precisely been untrustworthy either.

In Matthew Rosenberg and Carmine Di Giandomenico's The Joker: The Man Who Halted Giggling #3 perusers get to see precisely how Joker feels approximately Jason Todd. Joker has as of late gotten away from an experience with Jason, taking a couple of discharges as he did, and arrives at a healing center for restorative consideration. The healing center, be that as it may, is totally overwhelmed with harmed offenders. After Joker get away Jason, the Ruddy Hood goes on a frenzy, harming and examining any criminal he can get his hands on to undertake and discover where Joker may have gone. When a specialist notices Jason's spree of savagery, Joker reacts, "I adore that fellow." Winning the Joker's endorsement is never a awesome support of somebody's character.

Joker Is Jason's Worst Villain

Ruddy Hood as of late gave up weapons, but it appears after his involvement in Errand Drive Z, Jason has once once more chosen to go after Joker with everything he has. Whereas a few may claim that Jason going after Joker may be a relapse of his character circular segment, he has each right to still be angry at Joker, who broadly killed the previous Robin. Joker is somebody who has slaughtered hundreds of individuals and as it were appears to be getting more awful as he's started traveling around cities exterior of Gotham and centering on other individuals aside from Batman. Whereas it's totally reasonable that Batman wouldn't need to murder Joker or anybody else for that matter, his Robins have never held so firmly to that run the show. Each single Robin has slaughtered somebody at a few point, with Jason and Dick both having slaughtered Joker on partitioned events within the past. Ruddy Hood might indeed murder Joker twice, which would be a to begin with in DC history.

Joker has been a approaching opposing constrain in Jason's life, distant more than any other Batman lowlife has been for any other Robin. Within the Modern 52 time of DC Comics, Joker was uncovered to have actually been behind each single terrible thing that happened to Jason, all in an endeavor to control Batman into embracing a Robin that Joker might inevitably take absent. Whereas it's terrible that Joker's nearness is able to bring out Ruddy Hood's more dangerous side, it's not without reason considering the history the two characters have had together. It's moreover worth noticing that whereas Jason did send all of those offenders to the healing center, it was in truth the clinic and not the morgue​​​​​​.

Joker and Jason Todd have had one of the most exceedingly bad connections of any Robin with Batman's lowlifess. Whereas Dick Grayson and Two-Face have had issues on a few events, nothing compares to the damaging relationship that Ruddy Hood and the Joker have shared.

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