JJBA Stone Ocean's Extreme Stand is the Culminate Image of its Scalawag

The lowlife of Stone Sea contains a Stand that changes a few times within the arrangement, but one of its last shapes is the outright exemplification of its wielder.

Warning: Spoilers for JJBA: Stone Ocean episodes 33-38

The enormous reprobate of Jojo's Odd Experience: Stone Sea has been blessed sufficient to have a Stand that's ceaselessly advanced to suit his needs, but it's his penultimate shape that's really the idealize coordinate for Pucci.

Pucci's unique Stand, Palesnake, permitted him to control people's recollections and Stands by turning them into CD-like objects, which put away these concepts exterior the initial owner's body. He was indeed able to expel Jotaro's recollections and Stand capacity this way, which he utilized to memorize more approximately Dio's Stand, The World, since Star Platinum had created such comparable time-stopping capacities. After the creation of the Green Child and its impacts on Pucci, in any case, his Stand started to alter.

When Pucci summons his Stand at Cape Canaveral, it causes gravity to apparently go insane, moving the heading in which gravity's drag dragged things and causing anything not immovably connected to the ground to start falling perpetually. As Jolyne and her band get closer, they learn that this gravity disruption is Pucci's blame, which the gravity's drag is decided by the orientation of his feet--everything else is sent within the inverse heading. Pucci presents his modern overhauled Stand as See Moon, which takes after Palesnake but with extra armor-like highlights that coordinate the Green Baby's appearance. Pucci's Stand in the long run goes on to advance once more into Stone Ocean's Lady Paradise, a Stand that bears a likeness to a centaur and has the control to quicken the entry of time all over the universe.

Pucci's Stand Makes Him the Center of the Universe

Pucci, as a character, is an greatly pompous man, a characteristic he offers with Jojo's greatest lowlife, Dio. He's greatly sure that everything he's doing is right, which destiny and fate are on his side. He doesn't indeed see Jolyne and her companions as impediments, but as venturing stones toward accomplishing his possible objective. Pucci legitimately believes he's the foremost vital individual, and he talks around destiny as on the off chance that it's a gravitational field, pulling those ordained to meet together. All these things considered, a Stand capacity that controls gravity and changes gravitational areas to be centered on him is perfect--his Stand makes him the center of the universe, something which remains genuine for Lady Paradise, where the whole universe is quickening around him. Since the universe in the long run collapses and experiences a unused Enormous Blast, there's indeed a minute where he's truly the center of the universe fair some time recently that moment Enormous Blast.

Whereas Stands are frequently a reflection of a character's identity and behavior in Jojo's Odd Enterprise, few have been as on-the-nose as Pucci's. It does include something one of a kind to him as a lowlife, as its flawlessly fitting nature ceaselessly goads him on and affirms his convictions.

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