Jenna and Chef Adam's Romance on Sailboat Below Deck Season 1

Despite their constant use of PDA, Jenna MacGillivray and Adam Glick's romantic ending to Sailing Below Deck Season 1 was as bad as most fans predicted.

Bravo's sailing ship below decks has had several memorable Yatchmances in different seasons of the reality series, but the rocky romance between chief butler Jenna MacGillivray and chef Adam Glick in season 1 is considered one of the most memorable. one. Despite their best efforts to make their romance a success, the couple only managed to make fans and crew members cringe.

Adam met Jenna when he returned to work as a cook at BDSY after two seasons of Below Deck Mediterranean. While fans were excited to see him again, they quickly lost interest when the chef started a relationship with Stew Jenna. For much of BDSY's first season, the two were often seen hugging and kissing in the kitchen. Jenna and Adam's constant use of PDAs annoyed fans and their cast mates, who repeatedly voiced their disapproval of their too many intimate moments in public.

Jenna and Adam’s Failed Romance

BDSY's second instructor, Madison Stalker, complained that she felt ostracized whenever she walked in as the couple became intimate in common areas, and even Captain Glenn Shepard had to confront Jenna because The couple use a PDA a lot. Still, despite Jenna and Adam's constant romantic gestures, There have been some tense moments during the season. According to Bravo, Adam often talked about the wall he built to keep himself from an intimacy or a natural connection with someone.

In a BDSY episode, Jenna is spotted crying after Adam explains that his plan is to get into his van after the season and drive away without her, making the couple's relationship appear strained. However, the couple appeared to have put their romance back on track when they left Parsifal III of Greece together. Subsequently, the BDSY couple rented a van and started a romantic trip to Greece. The couple then drove across the US together, stopping by Jenna's parents' home in Canada to spend time with Adam's family before even celebrating Christmas together.

Sadly, their romance didn't last long after that. During the reunion, Adam revealed that they had broken up, though they remained in touch. He also noted that due to the complexity of their relationship, they are trying to work things out. Things only got worse for the couple, however, who stopped communicating, which included Jenna and Adam unfollowing each other on Instagram.

Despite being disappointed by their failed romance, Jenna and Adam have moved Moving on with their lives, the two are better off without each other. Since leaving sailing yachts below decks, Adam has continued to develop his brand as a Chef while Jenna has continued her yachting career. Although the two spend a lot of time trying to keep their relationship going - to no avail - hopefully they will find love.

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