Intel's Center i9-13900HX Tablet CPU May Be Quicker Than Desktop 12900K

Unused benchmark scores recommend that Intel's up and coming Center i9-13900HX Raptor Lake portable workstation CPU can be quicker than the desktop Center i9-12900K.

Modern benchmark scores recommend that Intel's up and coming Center i9-13900HX Raptor Lake portable workstation CPU may be quicker than the desktop Center i9-12900K. Intel's Raptor Lake-HX lineup will be pointed at control clients and extraordinary gamers and might offer desktop-level execution on portable workstations. The modern lineup will succeed the 12th-gen Birch Lake-HX arrangement propelled prior this year. It is worth noticing that Intel has as of now propelled its to begin with set of Raptor Lake desktop processors, with the non-K Raptor Lake chips anticipated to be reported at CES 2023 in Las Vegas another month.

Intel's up and coming Center i9-13900HX Raptor Lake versatile CPU scored up 2,039 points within the single-core test and 20,943 within the multi-core test on Geekbench (h/t Benchleaks), uncovering a creature processor that may allow high-end desktop chips a run for their cash. Agreeing to WCCFTech, these scores are higher than the ones accomplished by the Center i9-12900K, conceivably making the 13900HX one of the speediest PC processors over desktops and portable workstations when it dispatches. Based on the Geekbench posting, the 13900HX will have 24 centers, 32 strings, and 36MB of L3 cache, which is in line with prior rumors that Intel's Raptor Lake portable workstation lineup will incorporate a 24-core beast that might be more effective than most desktop chips.

Intel's Core i9-13900HX Could Be A Monster

The 13900HX's single-core score of 2,039 is somewhat higher than the 1,987 focuses indented up by the 12900K. But its multi-core score of 20,943 is essentially more than the 17,319 focuses gathered by the more seasoned desktop chip. That produces it 2 percent speedier than the Center i9-12900K in single-core apps and a whopping 20 percent faster in multi-threaded workloads, which may be a tad astounding.

The scores are altogether higher than anything advertised by AMD's current Ryzen 6000 tablet chips, so it'll be curiously to see on the off chance that the company's next-gen Ryzen 7000 portable processors will passage any way better. Compared to current-gen desktop chips, the Center i9-13900HX's scores are lower than the Center i9-13900K and the Ryzen 9 7950X in both single-core and multi-core benchmarks.

The Center i9-13900HX is anticipated to come with eight execution and 16 productivity centers, the same setup as the desktop Center i9-13900K. It'll be a eminent overhaul over the i9-12900HX that sports an 8P+8E center arrangement comparative to the Center i9-12900K. Whereas the additional cores are the most reason why the up and coming chip is speedier than 12900K in Geekbench's multi-core benchmark, different enhancements within the center engineering and the higher clock speeds likely offer assistance it outflank the more seasoned Intel desktop chip within the single-core benchmark.

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