Huzbin Hotel reveals Extinction Day villain

Hazbin Hotel has revealed the designs of its latest villains, Adam and Lute, two demons who seem to preside over Hell's annual Day of Extinction.

A new Hazbin Hotel villain has been revealed in time for the show's Extinction Day. Hazbin Hotel is an animated adult show that started as a 31-minute pilot on YouTube by Vivienne "VivziePop" Medrano. The pilot, which currently has over 82 million views, tells the story of the demon princess Charlie trying to quell the overpopulation crisis by redeeming Hell's sinners. The video was such a success that in August 2020, production company A24 selected Hazbin Hotel for a full-length TV series. The Hazbin Hotel Twitter account has been posting pilot character redesigns since February of this year and has also been showing off new character designs, while Medrano recently posted a first look at A24's Hazbin Hotel in a series of short videos.

In a post on the show's official Twitter account, the Hazbin Hotel officially unveiled Adam, the demon who appears to be responsible for the annual Hell's Extinction Day. Adam is depicted as an electrified demon with an electric guitar, with a small, black demon named Lute lurking behind him. The caption on the post reads "The Day of Extinction is here! Get ready for Adam's Light. The clock is ticking..." Check out the latest characters shown below: ^While each Character reveals for the A24 series have always been exciting for fans, and Adam's reveal was the first major reveal of the Hutzpin Hotel plot. In the YouTube pilot, it's revealed that once a year, Hell experiences Extermination Days, during which unfortunate demons are slaughtered en masse to reduce Hell's overpopulation problem. After Extinction Day, territories previously occupied by demons slain in the Carnage were contested, sparking massive turf wars. While all of Hell seems to accept Extinction Day as part of life, Charlie tries to find a less violent way to deal with the population problem and comes up with the idea of ​​creating a hotel to convert sinners so they can go to heaven.

What Extermination Day Means in Hazbin Hotel

In the pilot episode, viewers get glimpses of Adam and Root, as Charlie appears to be trying to bargain with them. Against Extinction Day is the driving force behind Hazbin Hotel's plot, and given that Charlie's idea of ​​redemption isn't popular with Hell's denizens, Adam and Root could be the main characters in the A24 series. The release of Adam's character design also confirms that Extinction Day takes place every year on New Year's Eve Damn, the clock resets on New Year's Day.

The release of Adam's character design was raved about by fans of the Hutzpin Hotel, even causing an Extinction Day buzz on Twitter. While the reveal is exciting because it tells the plot of the A24 show, fans are still awaiting the release of other characters, including Charlie's mother, Lilith. While the show doesn't have a set release date yet, The Hudzpin Hotel is expected to premiere in summer 2023, meaning fans will only have to wait a few more months to see Adam and Root in action.

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