Huge Disney box office flop is now No. 1 on Disney+

Disney's Oddworld, a box-office flop, has risen to No. 1 on Disney+, which could herald a later revival in popularity.

Disney's "Oddworld" is currently the No. 1 movie on Disney+ after a box office flop. Oddworld, an animated sci-fi adventure from Disney, opens in theaters on November 23. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Lucy Liu, the film is best known for introducing Ethan Clyde (Jaboukie Young-White), Disney Animation's first openly LGBTQ+ protagonist. While the film received generally positive reviews from fans and critics for its animation style and much-needed representation milestone, "Oddworld" was a disastrous box office flop, earning just $18.6 million in its five-day opening weekend, unlike the It was far from what was expected of it. Total revenue would be $300,000 to $40 million, with Disney estimated to lose at least $100 million.

Despite a weak theatrical release, "Oddworld" currently tops the charts on Disney's streaming service, Disney+ (via FlixPatrol). The movie topped Encanto at the Hollywood Bowl and Avatar, both of which were at a high this past week, which is understandable given the recent release of Avatar: Way of Water. "Oddworld" only lands on Disney+ on Dec. 23, but will be the No. 1 movie in 2022.

Why Strange World Failed at the Box Office

Although average Despite rave reviews, Oddworld didn't fare well in theaters, but is now burgeoning with home streaming. However, the film's box office failure was not an anomaly for Disney, but the next in a series of relatively unsuccessful animated films for Disney. Before "Oddworld," "Light Years," released in June, was similarly dismal at the box office, despite mixed reviews. Many have attributed the failure of Oddworld to Disney promoting Light Years too much and not giving enough importance to the sci-fi flick. In fact, many people on social media said they didn't even know Oddworld existed, and Lightyear was overhyped.

Another potential reason for the film's box office failure is its release date, which coincides perfectly with Black Panther: Forever Wakanda, which opened two weeks ago. There has also been speculation that the backlash against LGBTQ+ characters in "Oddworld" may have contributed to the film's poor performance, especially after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis denounced Disney as a "family" in March. Wake Company," and encouraged his supporters to boycott all Disney projects. However, it's impossible to attribute any one reason to Strange World's failure, instead, it's a combination of reasons factor.

Despite being a box office bomb, Oddworld has the potential to be a huge success on streaming services. Many viewers compared the film to Encanto, which had a lackluster debut in theaters on its opening weekend but became a huge success fueled by buzz from fans, critics and social media. Now that Oddworld is available to watch at home on demand, maybe the animated film will finally get the attention it deserves.

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