How to Message Yourself with Signal (Android, iPhone, and Desktop)

Signal users can write messages in the Note to Self chat for later reference. These messages can be reminders or tasks to be completed.

Signal users can use the Note to Self feature to keep important chats, notes or reminders in one place. In its latest update, November 2022, Signal added support for Stories so users can post updates on videos or photos that disappear within 24 hours. The instant messaging service might not be as popular as some of its competitors, but it's a solid option that stays free and doesn't bombard users with ads.

To write a note to themselves on an Android device, users should first tap the compose icon (represented by a pencil in a blue circle) to view their Signal contact list. Search for and select the entry called "Self Notes". This will open a chat window where the user can click "Signal message" to compose a message, then click the plus icon to add the file to the chat. When you're done, hit the send icon (white arrow and lock in a blue circle) and it will stay in the chat for future reference.

Note To Self Is Available On Signal For Mobile And Desktop

Users can also write messages for themselves in Signal for iOS. To do this, they should tap the compose icon (represented by a pencil) in the app and select A contact entry named "Note to Self". This will redirect them to the chat page using their account. From here, users can tap the "New Message" button to write a message, which might include their shopping list, tasks for the day, things to remember, or a reminder about something they want to do, and tap the blue arrow to send it . Additionally, users can click the plus icon to upload documents, such as PDF or Word files, to the chat room.

The desktop version of Signal also offers the ability to write notes to yourself. The user has to select "Search" and enter "note to self", which should show up as a contact entry. After that, the user should select the contact entry from the right panel to open the chat page, just like any other chat, and enter their message in the "Send message" text field. You can also attach documents or files by clicking the plus icon to the right of the chat bar. Press enter on the Signal desktop app to send the message to yourself.

Using the Note to Self feature, Signal users can send text and voice messages, and upload Pictures, video clips and documents. The feature is a great way to remember things, especially for those who use the app throughout the day. Signal also notes that all messages in the Note to Self section are end-to-end encrypted, meaning they can only be read by the user who sent it. Last but not least, users can also send disappearing messages using the Note to Self feature on Signal.

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