How Love Is Blind's Zanab Jaffrey is similar to Deepti Vempati

Zanab Jaffrey and Deepti Vempati failed to find love in their respective seasons of Love Is Blind. As such, their journeys couldn't have been more similar.

Zanab Jaffrey's relationship with Cole Barnett ended in dramatic fashion in Love Is Blind season 3, and their journey bears some parallels to that of Deepti Vempati and Shake Chatterjee in Love Is Blind season 2. When Zanab and Cole met in the Love Is Blind pods, Cole was initially attracted to Colleen Reed, who eventually married Matt Bolton. However, as they continued to talk, Cole and Zanab were attracted to each other despite their opposite personalities, and were the couple who got engaged late in Love Is Blind season 3. over the next four weeks. As their wedding day approached, it became clear that Zanab and Cole were destined to part due to incompatibility. While the five relationships in season 3 were all different, Zanab's journey shares a few things in common with that of Deepti, whose tumultuous relationship with Shake dominated season 2's romances. Interestingly, seasons 2 and 3 were filmed - back to back - more to reflect their similarities.

Zanab and Deepti - Pakistani and Indian respectively - Disrespected by their Love Is Blind partners. Cole comes under scrutiny after she flirts with Colleen at a pool party, nearly ruining Colleen and Matt's relationship. To make matters worse, Cole tells Zanab that he finds Colleen and Raven Ross (who is engaged to Siriku "SK" Alagbada) more attractive than her. Shake, on the other hand, repeatedly stated in Season 2's Love Is Blind that he wasn't attracted to Deepti, and rubbed the audience the wrong way when comparing her to his aunt. Zanab and Deepti were clearly influenced by Cole and Shake's comments on their Love Is Blind season.

Love Is Blind's Zanab & Deepti Were Disrespected By Their Partners

Although Deepti and Zanab did not get married in Love Is Blind seasons 2 and 3, their respective weddings followed a similar pattern. Both women first rejected their partners at the altar and surprised the Love Is Blind audience with impassioned speeches. In Love Is Blind season 2, Deepti pointed out Shake's controversial behavior and said she had to "choose herself." While Shake wasn't surprised by Deepti's announcement, Cole was clearly caught off guard by Zanab's rejection. When Zanab said "I don't like it" in Season 3, she didn't hold back and told Cole, "You don't respect Me, you insulted me, you criticized me, whatever, you single-handedly shattered my self-confidence.

Love Is Blind's Zanab & Deepti Gave Fiery Wedding Speeches

While some former Love Is Blind relationships continued after filming, Zanab and Deepti quickly cut ties with their ex-fiancés. When reunited in Love Is Blind season 2, Deepti and Shake met for the first time reunited and dramatically re-established their relationship. Shake ultimately remained a season 2 villain and has since often criticized love as blind. Likewise, Zanab and Cole reunited for the first time in months on Love Is Blind season 3 spoke, and has not spoken since, though Zanab often speaks out against criticism of her online. Zanab and Deepti are different in several ways, but it's hard not to see similarities in their short Love Is Blind Engagement.

Love Is Blind's Zanab & Deepti Cut Off Their Former Fiancés

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