How Intel Center i9-13900K Come to A World Record 9GHz Recurrence

A group of extraordinary overclockers has set a world record by running the Intel Center i9-13900K CPU at over 9GHz. Here's how they accomplished it.

A group of extraordinary overclockers has overseen to run an Intel Center i9-13900K CPU at over 9GHz, subsequently breaking the CPU recurrence world record. The news comes one or two of months after a group from Asus overseen to make a world record by overclocking the i9-13900K to a whopping 8.8GHz. The Center i9-13900K is portion of Intel's Raptor Lake CPU lineup that was declared in September 2022 with expanded centers and super-high clock speeds. The Center i9-13900K is the pioneer of the pack, highlighting 24 cores, including eight execution centers (P-cores) and 16 productivity centers (E-cores). It incorporates a 5.8GHz default greatest boost clock and a $589 MSRP.

Driven by famous overclocked Elmor, a group of extraordinary overclockers from Asus has broken the world CPU recurrence record by running an Intel Center i9-13900K at an crazy 9008.82MHz. Usually the primary time any chip has gone past the 9GHz stamp, breaking Elmor's claim past record set prior this year with the same CPU. As detailed by Tom's Equipment, the setup was steady sufficient to run PiFast for 6.85 seconds and SuperPi 32M for 3 minutes, 3 seconds, and 778 milliseconds. The extraordinary overclocking was accomplished on an Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Pinnacle motherboard, which, agreeing to Asus, has made a difference break 14 world records in all, counting the most recent one.

Core i9-13900k Overclocked To Over 9GHz

The cooling was given by a blend of fluid nitrogen and fluid helium, which took the CPU temperature down to a spine-chilling -250.2°C. It is worth noticing, in any case, that as with all extraordinary overclocking endeavors, this one too expanded the recurrence on fair one of the 8 execution centers on the Center i9-13900K, whereas the productivity centers and hyperthreading were debilitated totally. The result has been submitted to HWBOT and has been affirmed as a world record agreeing to competition rules.

Whereas Elmor driven the group for both the most recent world record and the prior one in October, he was went with by distinctive group individuals on both wanders. Final time around, he worked with Shamino, whereas this time around, he was joined by SkatterBencher, who claimed that the Center i9-13900K is one of the foremost 'well-behaved' CPUs he's seen beneath fluid helium. He included that the chip scales exceptionally well at -250°C without much change within the center temperature, in this manner making the world record conceivable.

Some time recently Intel's Center i9-13900K obliterated the world CPU recurrence world record twice within the span of fair over two months, the record was held by AMD's FX-8370 CPU that was overclocked to 8.79GHz on an ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z motherboard way back in Admirable 2014. The extraordinary overclocking was accomplished utilizing fluid nitrogen and at an crazy voltage of 2.004V. What's noteworthy is that the chip hit those frequencies with all 8 centers empowered. Either way, presently that the most recent Raptor Lake chip has been able to break the world record, it'll be curiously to see how long Intel will be able to keep the crown some time recently it passes on to AMD once once more.

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