How Durin's Defense Of Elrond Will Affect Rings Of Control Season 2

Rings of Control on-screen character Owain Arthur uncovered how Durin's choice to go against his father in season 1 will have major results for season 2.

The Ruler of the Rings: The Rings of Control star Owain Arthur uncovered that Durin's choice to go against his father in defense of Elrond in season 1 of the arrangement will have a major affect on Durin for season 2. Season 1, scene 7 of The Rings of Control saw Durin endeavor to furtively offer assistance Elrond procure mithril in arrange to spare Mythical beings from conceivable termination. When he's caught by his father, Lord Durin III, Durin stands up to him, coming about in his father denying his status as a Overshadow sovereign.

In an meet with Collider, Arthur clarified how Durin's choice to guard Elrond will have major results for his character amid The Rings of Control season 2. He said that Durin's selflessness when making a difference Elrond laid the foundation for his story in season 2, which seem result in a heap of ways for the previous ruler. Check out Arthur's full articulation underneath:

Certainly, I think that moment happened in Episode 7, where we saw the mithril have an effect on that dead leaf on the table. That was an instant sign for Durin and Disa, that mithril has a quality that would actually help something in a certain capacity. Nobody knows what mithril can do at this point, but all Durin knows at that moment is that 'If I can help save my best friend's life, if I have a hand in not making him vanish, then I will do whatever I can no matter what the outcome.' I think he was willing to sacrifice everything for Elrond in that moment, and he feels very passionate about him. Like he says in that scene with his father, 'Elrond is like a brother to me, like he'd been fired up in my own mother's womb.' So it's a really strong connection and therefore the loss of Elrond would mean the end of the world for him. But unfortunately, he is disowned by his father, he didn't get the reaction that he wanted. It's certainly not a happy ending for Durin at the end of Season 1, and yet the consequences are huge. So Season 2, moving forward, it will be interesting to see how Durin survives, where he sits in society, whether he stays in Khazad-dum or not, whether his relationship with his father will be rekindled or if mithril will have an effect on them. Who knows? I'm certainly looking forward to exploring that. It's really difficult not to answer this question.

What Durin Might Do In The Rings Of Power Season 2

Whereas Arthur doesn't uncover as well much almost where Durin will conclusion up within The Rings of Control season 2, he does show numerous conceivable outcomes for the previous ruler taking after his disownment. Whereas audiences didn't see much within the way of Durin interacting with other Dwarves exterior his family within The Rings of Control season 1, it's conceivable that more will be appeared with respect to what Durin's status with the regular Overshadow. How other Dwarves feel around his title of sovereign being stripped from him may show where his story will go amid season 2. It's likely his spouse, Disa, will proceed to back Durin in season 2 as well, given how much she cares for her spouse.

Arthur too brings up the plausibility that Durin chooses to take off Khazad-dûm in season 2, a choice he may make on the off chance that he needed to presently that he is free of any illustrious commitments. In the event that Durin did choose to take off the underground kingdom, at that point he would most likely take Disa and his children to Eregion, where Elrond and Celebrimbor have as of now taken a little sum of mithril and turned it into the primary three Rings of Control. Given his companionship with Elrond, he would most likely discover bounty of warm haven within the city. Durin's nearness in Eregion seem too play a part in manufacturing the other 17 Rings of Control as the arrangement advances.

In expansion to these conceivable destinies, Durin seem moreover have a key part in protecting Khazad-dûm from the Balrog that stirred within the mithril mines at the conclusion of season 1. The Balrog has however to breach the mines, but since it showed up in season 1, scene 7, it likely won't be long some time recently it causes chaos within the city. Whereas the Balrog's nearness would put Durin and Disa in peril, an assault from it seem too open the entryway for Durin to recover himself in his father's eyes by battling it off. Arthur may have been dubious around Durin's storyline within The Rings of Control season 2, but his theoretical list appears groups of onlookers that the conceivable outcomes are another to perpetual.

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