GTA 6 could make melee combat useless

Melee combat in Grand Theft Auto has always been the game's weak link, and GTA 6 can finally make the improvements it needs.

In Grand Theft Auto, violence is as common as controversy. While they might not be as gory as Mortal Kombat, nearly every mission involves a shootout, and the player characters need to leave a trail of dead bodies in their wake. But if there's one major change in GTA VI, it's that it has a much better melee system than previous games.

While Grand Theft Auto has many exciting missions, melee only occurs a few times per game, and often feels like a hindrance rather than a feature. Better melee is an opportunity GTA has repeatedly missed, and it's the most obvious mechanic that GTA 6 can fix.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Should Fix The Clunky Pace Of GTA's Melee

Since almost every mission in the Grand Theft Auto series erupts in violence at some point, the game's combat mechanics should be well-polished, as the player will get a lot of use out of them. While gunplay has remained functional, melee combat has always felt like an afterthought, both practical and functional.

In the Grand Theft Auto games, melee combat is almost always slow and clumsy, somehow These qualities seem to be exaggerated at the moment the player is forced to use it, similar to GTA: San Andreas' supply line missions and its aircraft controls. It usually appears early in the game before the player is ready to use the gun, which means it's best used only as an early game option. However, the fact that players can purchase more expensive melee weapons suggests that's not the case. Unfortunately, while some GTA games offer a range of melee weapons, melee is too slow for enemies using guns, and clumsy in the forced melee portion, making it not a useful advantage in the game. base market.

Melee may be a common mechanic in Grand Theft Auto games, but it never worked. Between the awkward timing and slow attacks, it's hardly worth the effort for close quarters combat, even when the game calls for it. It almost always felt like the worst option, so GTA never gave players any reason to expect anything from it without some serious upgrades. While Rockstar is improving female characters, it could also take steps to do the same with the game's melee system.

GTA 6 Should Give Players A Reason To Use Melee

In rare cases, There's no point trying to melee in Grand Theft Auto unless the player intends to challenge himself. When nearly every enemy has a gun, getting close requires taking a lot of damage in return. Even if the player does, melee doesn't provide any perks that don't improve the efficiency of shooting enemies. To make melee combat less useless, GTA 6 should introduce some extra features that make it worth the money.

One idea might be to give melee weapons traits that make them worth equipping. For example, a baseball bat or crowbar can knock down an enemy, allowing the player to temporarily neutralize a threat or secure a kill. While the revelations about GTA 6 so far haven't included such things, they'll be a valid feature to look forward to. Likewise, GTA 6 should add some instances where enemies don't have guns, giving players more reason to try melee combat. For example, a mission might take place in an area where gunfire would set off an alarm, so they'd need to kill enemies stealthily or fight them quietly to get through.

Making melee weapons more useful is one of them is the best way to get players to consider using them in Grand Theft Auto 6. The game's options expand even further if the player can gain some benefit from melee, which is exactly what a sandbox game like Grand Theft Auto should do in the first place. GTA 6 will be different than past games, and hopefully better melee options will be part of that.

Other Sandbox Games Are Far Ahead Of GTA Regarding Melee Combat

One thing that should encourage Rockstar to improve GTA VI's melee mechanics is that the genre's competitors have already surpassed them. While Grand Theft Auto has failed to impress time and time again in combat, other games have proven that melee combat works well with sandbox-style gameplay. GTA's melee combat needs a niche market, and it might be worth looking at other games to see the possibilities.

Watch Dogs: Legion is a much slower paced game than GTA, but its melee mechanics are quick and responsive, with the added usefulness of instant knockouts from behind. Another example is the most perfect GTA clone, Sleeping Dogs, which is more or less completely built around Melee combat with lots of combos, grappling moves, and environmental finishers. Even Saints Row, which isn't outstanding in terms of melee combat, at least has quick, satisfying melee attacks and kill streaks. Each of these games has something special about its melee combat that's worth checking out. In contrast, GTA's melee is weak and unsatisfactory.

Despite being the largest sandbox series in gaming, Grand Theft Auto's melee is certainly the weakest in its class. Even though combat is a major part of every game in the series, it feels like melee combat never gets any real development. As other games in the genre manage to make melee combat feel satisfying and unique, there's no reason Grand Theft Auto shouldn't. GTA 6 can learn from other sandbox games and find its own style of hand-to-hand combat.

Melee combat is one of the weakest aspects of nearly every GTA game in the series. While each game adds more content than the last, melee never improves significantly and remains a disappointing weak spot. GTA 6 needs to finally give the series melee combat Some status, lest it go on to be the series' biggest disappointment.

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