Green Lantern Takes on Captain America and Jurassic Park in Genius Cosplay

Green Lantern's ring can create anything he can imagine, and this awesome cosplay makes good use of a killer T-Rex and Steve Rogers' shield.

Thanks to his ability to convert energy into structures, Green Lantern has great potential as a cosplay object, but members of the Legion also pose major challenges. After all - Green Lantern can summon anything he can imagine - for example, his own Captain America shield, or a T-Rex from Jurassic Park: a challenge fans have been able to rise to.

Green Lantern possesses one of the most unique superpowers in the comics. All Green Lanterns equipped with power rings are able to use their imaginations to create structures. However, the imagination of most life forms is heavily influenced by their native culture. For Earthlings, this means creating things that stand out on Earth. Pop culture is no exception. As such, Green Lantern, who grew up watching the movies and reading the comic books, could theoretically use these characters as influences - for example, Green Lantern Jo Mullein could easily refer to the anime when using her powers.

Cosplayer tchallasheen, who played Green Lantern Jon Stewart, is a good example. In an image posted to Instagram, Green Lantern stands in a war zone of a destroyed city, Using his rings to build Captain America's iconic shield. The shield is green and has a lantern symbol in the center instead of Steve Rogers' star. In a more ambitious image, Stewart battles a T-Rex. However, Green Lantern is using his ring to create a T-Rex head with a Gatling gun sticking out of its mouth.

Jon Stewart Gets Jurassic

The combination of cosplay and digital art is a favorite technique for superhero cosplayers, allowing them to really dig out what's special about these characters. This goes double for Green Lantern, as tchallasheen celebrates Stewart's limitless potential. While this Green Lantern shield may be a reference to pop culture (Marvel and DC Comics seem to exist in each other's reality, as the two sometimes refer to each other as fiction), Legion members are seen in such genres as the JLA/Avengers. There's no shield more famous than this, so it makes sense that Lantern would be paying homage to another superhero in his quest to protect himself and others.

Green Lantern has also fought dinosaurs in the past, such as in the "Through the Time Tunnel" story in Green Lantern #30 in 1964. Of course, thanks to the Jurassic League, there is even Green The lantern is a dinosaur, and the green torch paralizard represents the values ​​of the Legion in prehistoric times. The joy of Green Lantern's powers is seeing what each member of the Legion chooses to create when the chips drop, and tchallasheen nails the joy of that premise with constructs worthy of Captain America and Jurassic Park.

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