Gravity Falls Clarifies Why Fans Never Got a Rick & Morty Hybrid

In spite of having a number of associations over both built up universes, there can never be a Gravity Falls/Rick and Morty hybrid - here's why.

It is no mystery that Gravity Falls and Rick and Morty share a number of covered up associations that are scattered all through both establishments. So numerous, in reality, that fans are fair cleared out pondering when the makers behind both arrangement will fair make it official as of now and make the hybrid everyone’s been holding up for. Well, because it turns out, there’s really an in-lore clarification for why that hasn’t happened yet–and why it may never happen.

Gravity Falls takes after Scoop, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, and Grunkle Portage as they take on the supernatural components of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Whereas the storyline of the appear is beautiful contained inside that small corner of the world, there's one angle of the arrangement that extends over the multiverse: Grunkle Portage. Grunkle Portage is Scoop and Mabel’s awesome uncle and the twin brother of Grunkle Stan. Thirty a long time some time recently the occasions of the appear, Stan incidentally caused Passage to drop through a multiversal entrance and wasn’t able to revive that entry and get Passage back until Gravity Falls season 2. It is inside those thirty a long time when Passage is navigating the multiverse that most Gravity Falls/Rick and Morty hybrid fan speculations are inferred. Numerous accept that Portage and Rick went on undertakings together inside that period of time based on some clues that have popped up through the establishments. The as it were issue is, in case they did know each other, why doesn’t Rick keep in mind? Well, one easter egg might reply that address.

Gravity Falls: Misplaced Legends–written by arrangement maker Alex Hirsch with craftsmanship by Joe Pitt, Ian Worrel, Asaf Hanuka, Dana Porch, Jacob Chabot, Jim Campbell, Kyle Smeallie, Meredith Gran, Mike Holmes, Priscilla Tang, Serina Hernandez, Stephanie Ramirez, and Valerie Halla–is a realistic novel telling a collection of Gravity Falls stories that weren’t told within the unique arrangement. Within the story titled “Face It”, Scoop and Pacifica discover themselves in a dim and covered up put that appears to be something of a supernatural dark showcase where a bunch of extraordinary substances and shadowy organizations are offering their products at their assigned tables. One of those tables had a place to the Society of the Dazzle Eye, where a agent of that organization was offering recollections that had been culled from people’s minds and after that put away in containers–and one of those recollections was labeled “Rick S.”.

If Rick and Morty’s Rick and Gravity Falls’ Ford were Friends, Rick May Not Remember It

Whereas that memory might have a place to a arbitrary individual whose to begin with title is Rick with their final title beginning with the letter ‘S’ instead of having a place to Rick Sanchez, that fair doesn’t appear likely given all the other associations that have been made between Rick and Morty and Gravity Falls. So, the address at that point emerges: what was culled from Rick’s memory? The reality that the Dazzle Eye Society had his memory put away at all implies Rick paid a visit to Gravity Falls, and in case he did that, at that point it stands to reason that he learned of Gravity Falls from Portage Pines in case it is to be accepted that the two went on undertakings together through the multiverse.

One conceivable reply for which memory was stolen from Rick Sanchez (once more, in case that’s his memory at all) is the memory of Gravity Falls, and by expansion, Portage Pines himself. The Dazzle Eye Society’s sole mission in Gravity Falls is to delete the minds of those who see oddness there, so maybe they caught this untouchable, Rick Sanchez, who knew all approximately the supernatural components in Gravity Falls from Portage Pines, and the Dazzle Eye Society evacuated that information from his intellect. This would clarify why Rick never notices Portage, and why Rick and Morty and Gravity Falls will likely never get a hybrid.

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