Graphic novels that made it to the silver screen

There's nothing more satisfying than having your favorite graphic novel hit the big screen, which is why we've compiled your favorites into this list.

When it comes to finding source material to fit the screen, there's nowhere more fruitful than the world of graphic novels. Not only do these books provide a vivid story world to operate in, but the medium also provides film and television producers with a clear visual sense of what might be on screen.

As graphic novels have grown in popularity over the years, adaptations have been commissioned in droves to big and small entertainment audiences around the globe. What's the best of these adaptations, and more importantly, why should you check out the books they're based on?

Why You Should Read Graphic Novels

First of all, the answer to this question is simple, some of the best graphic novels either haven't been adapted, or due to their unique nature, couldn't be adapted, and you don't want to miss out on these groundbreaking stories.

Advances in technology and the willingness of production companies to spend real money adapting graphic novels have seen some of the best movies and shows of all time finally be able to screens, so why would you bother reading the basics of them?

The saying "the book is better than the movie" is often debated, and certainly not an all-encompassing rule, but that's always been the case with graphic novels. It's important to remember that graphic novels aren't just a stepping stone between prose fiction and film, but a medium all their own. So what's possible in this unique medium doesn't necessarily translate easily to the screen, so to really get a feel for what the original authors and artists intended, you have to go back to the source and see the magic of your favorite stories in when they started.

Movies Based On Graphic Novels

When it comes to the world of cinema, the adaptation of Alan Moore's graphic novel has to be the starting point. Moore has created some of the most influential and timeless graphic novels of all time, but notoriously, his name will not be featured on any big-screen adaptations of his work due to his firm belief that graphic novels cannot be adapted across formats. right away That being said, the Wachowski sister's take on Moore's V for Vendetta and Snyder's take on Watchmen are still great movies to this day.

Of course, Moore isn't the whole story of the film adaptation. When it comes to the best graphic novel movies, there's something to please everyone. The hit "Pilgrim vs. World" was a masterclass in bringing graphic novels to the silver screen, and its wacky take on the superhero genre remains as hilarious today as it was when it was first made. For true crime fans, "My Friend Dahmer" is a chilling exploration of a serial killer's childhood (compared with Ryan Murphy's recent Dahmer series on Netflix, the sensitivity to this theme is obvious. higher). The noir style of Road to Perdition uses simple black-and-white comic panels of the source material to shape the movie world into a painting.

TV Shows Based On Graphic Novels

Given that many graphic novels are split into multiple parts, it makes perfect sense that the TV world would dominate adaptations, and it was a major factor in the Sandman series hitting expectations earlier this year on Netflix.

Marvel is not Not only did it take on such a heavy workload in theaters, it was also responsible for some of the highest-grossing TV adaptations to date, with Daredevil exposing the dark side of Hell's Kitchen and Krysten Ritter in Jessica Excellent performances from Jones in the title role and David Tennant as the endlessly charming villain Kilgrave.

Perhaps one of the most exciting small screen adaptations is "Snowpiercer", originally written by Jacques Loeb and Jean-Marc Lochte. What's great about this adaptation is that it takes the premise of the graphic novel and takes it in a completely different direction than Bong's film.

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