Glass Onion stars reveal how they learned to knife 2 killer identities

The Glass Onion: Knockouts star reveals how the cast of Rian Johnson's film learned the identity of the Knockout 2 killer.

Glass Onion: Knockout Mysteries stars Jessica Henwick and Madeleine Kline reveal how the cast learned about the killer in a murder mystery. Now streaming on Netflix, the sequel returns with Rian Johnson as writer-director and Daniel Craig reprising his role as Detective Benoit Blanc. With an all-new cast, The Glass Onion: Wilderness Action Mystery lived up to expectations, and even critics thought it was more humorous and over-the-top than the 2019 original. With the sequel already garnering praise this upcoming awards season, including two Golden Globe nominations, Johnson plans to make at least one more sequel.

In an interview with, Henwick and Cline share details of how they learned the identity of the Glass Onion: The Mysterious Killer of Operation Wilderness. They said Johnson didn't like keeping actors out of the loop, so the cast's script included all the twists and turns of the Knives Out sequel's finale. Henwick compares the Knives Out director's approach to that of her other work, most of which is kept under wraps, and describes Johnson as an actor's director. Check out the full quote below:

Jessica Henwick: You know what, we didn't actually do a cast read-through. It was strange. Madelyn Cline: No, never. We never did a table read. I would say [we found out from] the script. Rian didn't hide anything from us. Jessica Henwick: Yeah, they did that when I was working on the... What didn't they do it on? Most of my jobs, they have withheld scripts until the last minute, and often they just won't give you the end of the script, and it's just a surprise. Rian is an actor's director. I think because he used to be an actor. Back in the day, he was a little theater kid. So, he understands how important it is from the get-go.

What To Expect From Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Knives Out was a huge success in the murder mystery genre, garnering critical acclaim and an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay. In an unexpected turn of events, Netflix bought the rights to two Knives Out sequels for a whopping $469 million, with Johnson still serving as director and writer. Ahead of its streaming release, "Glass Onion: Wilderness Action Mystery" played in theaters for a week starting Nov. 23 -- the widest theatrical release ever for a Netflix film -- and set a record for the streamer. Record for Best Theatrical Release.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery brings back the franchise's mainstay Detective Benoit Blanc, who must solve another murder with all-new characters, each with their own motives for the crime. The Knives Out sequel takes place on a private island in Greece, the hometown of Edward Norton's tech billionaire Miles Brown. The film takes a twist when Miles invites his friends on a murder mystery-themed getaway, and someone dies, which is where Blank comes in. Critics have been raving about The Glass Onion: Into the Wild, along with the detective hailed as a worthy follow-up to Into the Wild.

Who Should Be In The Cast For Knives Out 3

The Knockout franchise has been Notorious for featuring some of the best actors in Hollywood. Netflix will be hoping to keep that streak going as casting for Knives Out 3 begins. Harrison Ford and Olivia Colman are two key figures in the industry who can support the cast of a murder mystery, given their experience with dark comedy. Now that Henry Cavill is out as DC Universe's Superman and The Wizard, the actor may be looking for another franchise to join, and Revenant 3 will also see him continue his relationship with Netflix. Jenna Ortega would be another good name for a sequel, as she's poised to be a big star following the series premiere on Netflix on Wednesday. Finally, Zac Efron could bring Chris Evans back to life from the original Knockout when the sequel to The Glass Onion: Knockout Mystery hits Netflix.

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