Genshin Impact: Can you buy the Kalpalata lotus for Nahida's ascension?

Kalpalata Lotes are scattered around Sumeru in Genshin Impact, but may take a while to collect. Here's how to buy some extra items to boost Nahida.

Genshin Impact's Kalpalata Lotes are one of the most important items in the game for players looking to ascend Nahida or even Dori. A local product of Xumi, it grows on the edge of Zhiyu mountain. But its gathering points are limited, and it only respawns every two days, which can hinder the player character from becoming stronger for a few days.

Kalpalata Lotuses are rare items that spawn in over 60 locations in Sumeru, but both Nahida and Dori require 168 Kalpalata Lotuses to reach their maximum Ascension level. Lucky players looking to create the best builds of Nahida in Genshin Impact will need to acquire 168 Kalpalata Lotes first, and an additional 168 if they also plan to max out Dori. When added, up to 336 of these items can be stacked, and collecting can seem overwhelming.

Aramani Sells Kalpalata Lotuses In Genshin Impact

Fortunately, according to GameWith, in addition to the roughly 60 Kalpalata Lotuses players can collect every two days, more can be purchased directly from NPCs. An Aranara character named Aramani in the Vanarana region of Sumeru sells as many as five Kalpalata lotuses for 1,000 Mora every three days. The player must first unlock Vanarana region, if they intend to use the extra Kalpalata Lotes to boost the Lesser Lord Kusanali, then find Nahida a suitable team combination in Genshin Impact.

Unlock Vanarana Before Buying Kalpalata Lotuses In Genshin Impact

The Vanarana area can be reached on foot through normal exploration. However, under normal conditions, no NPCs appear in front of the player. First, those who want to purchase additional Kalpalata Lotuses for Nahida in Genshin Impact will need to progress through World Quest Aranyaka, reach "Part 2 - The Dream Nursery", and complete "The World of Aranara". Fortunately, the questline can be started within the first few hours after players start exploring Sumeru, right after leaving Gandharva Ville, which makes purchasing the Kalpalata Lotuses fairly easy.

This is the same task required to unlock the Dream Tree in Genshin Impact. After completing the steps above, players will unlock the dream state of Vanarana, where they will find the NPC Aramani who sells Kalpalata Lotes. Up to five can be purchased from him, and his inventory refreshes every three days. Besides Nahida and Dori's Kalpalata lotus, Aramani also sells Sunsettia, Harra Fruit, Zaytun Peach and Rukkhashava mushrooms. Considering Calparata The rarity of Lotes in Genshin Impact, the fact that the item is sold by NPCs is very valuable, and may help level Sumeru's new character faster.

In addition to the Kalpalata Lotuses sold by NPCs in Genshin Impact, players should also turn their attention to the rare Rukkhashava Mushrooms. These are used by rogues to ascend, so they are also precious items that need to be acquired. This is especially true for players looking for the best possible build in Genshin Impact after upgrading their Wanderer to level 90. ^More: Genshin Impact: How Wanderer was Named, Names Changed, and Which Names Are Banned ^Sources: GameWith, YTupComing/Instagram

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