Fez's '90s Show Destiny Is Far Better Than We Thought

The '90s Show may focus on new characters, but Fez's fate in the spinoff shows the best possible outcome for the '70s Show character.

While Fez's storyline on "The 70s Show" wasn't always perfect, his fate on "The 90s Show" was. Fez was one of the original main teens on That '70s Show, and while the follow-up will revolve around Eric and Donna's daughter Leia and her new friends, the trailer for That '90s Show shows Fez as one of many original characters returning. It's unclear what happened to the original gang members, but they did reveal Fez's career as the owner of a hair salon called Chez Fez, which is the best move for the character.

The reveal of Fez's hair salon career in '90s Show not only perfectly shows Fez's character arc, but also for the '70s Show spinoff. Firth's hair-salon-owning career aptly picks up where "70s Show" left off its character, creating a natural straight line between the original show and the Netflix spinoff. Fez's fate on That 90s Show will hopefully mean that the new show will both do things right with the characters in the original show, while also doing something new to create the best possible outcome for both That 90s Show and Fez's character.

Fez's Hair Salon Career Is Perfect For That '90s Show

although not Many details are known about the fate of the other major characters on The '90s Show, and Firth's career offers excellent potential for the role. The revelation that Fez has his own hair salon in the '90s Show trailer is a good one, as it's a natural continuation of the Netflix show's ex leaving Fez after he was previously a shampoo boy. The fact that Fez's fate is so well-aligned bodes well for the rest of The '70s Show's returning characters, giving them even more hope of living out their dreams like Fez did.

In addition to being a perfect continuation of Fez's original character arc, his hair salon career was great for That '90s Show, as it provided a link from the original show and its characters to the new world of the 1990s. While spinoffs should be their own unique shows, it's important to make them familiar to repeat customers of the original. That's 90s Show has plenty of That '70s Show Easter eggs to tie it back to the original show, but keeping Fez still a local fixture, serving up familiar characters like Kitty, is a departure from previous shows. great way to make connections And not just cashing in on nostalgia.

How That '70s Show Teased Fez's Fate

Fez's That '90s Show fate is undoubtedly the former foreign exchange student's character, but it was actually foreshadowed in That '70s Show as well. In the season seven episode "Beasts of Burden," Firth landed a job as a shampooer at a hair salon, a position he held for the show's final two seasons. In the episode, Fez commented that it was his "destiny" to be a shampoo boy, which was teased about Fez's future on The '90s Show. It's not only his destiny to own a hair salon in the upcoming Netflix show, but it's beyond his dreams, making Fez's destiny on That 90s Show perfect.

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