Everything We Know About Treason Season 2

Treason season 2 may be coming to Netflix, here's everything we know about the story, release, and cast — including the return of Charlie Cox.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Treason season 1!

^ Netflix's Treason season 2 is possible, here's what's known about the series. The first season, released on the streaming service in December 2022, stars Charlie Cox, Olga Kurylenko and Oona Chaplin. Treason season 1 follows Cox's Adam as he is identified as a double agent working for Russia in MI6 and his struggle to clear his name, protect his family and help an old flame. The thrilling spy series leaves room for more stories.

The setting for season 2 follows Treason's season 1 finale, as not all storylines are resolved. The five-episode first season did contain some shocking moments that would impact what and who viewers see in a potential second season. But where is the future of the show? Here's everything we know about Treason season 2's status, story, cast, and release date.

Netflix has not yet confirmed that Treason Season 2 is happening and may not make an announcement. The espionage thriller was announced as a limited series, which usually refers to a show that lasts only one season. The show's mixed reception with audiences didn't stop it Soaring up Netflix's streaming charts, so if the streamer is satisfied enough with its performance, Treason season 2 may be announced at a later date.

Is Treason Season 2 Happening On Netflix?

If Rebel season 2 does happen, it likely won't be until sometime in 2024. The first season took about a year from filming to release. Considering that creator Matt Charman may still need to write the script for the next season, Treason season 2's release date would have to be a little further in the future to keep its development moving at a good pace.

Treason Season 2 Release Prediction

The cast of Treason season 2 may return to some familiar characters depending on where the story goes. Olga Kurylenko's Kara and Oona Chaplin's Mattie are both contenders for a comeback. Former Daredevil star Charlie Cox's return as Adam Lawrence after his death seems unlikely, but flashbacks could keep him around. Lawrence's children Callum (Samuel Leakey) and Ella (Beau Gadsdon), CIA agent Dede Alexander and ex-MI6 chief Martin Angelis (Ciarán Hinds) are also likely returning characters for Treason season 2. The series could also take an anthology approach, introducing a new cast member Also characters built around cases of treason.

Which Characters Can Return In Treason Season 2?

Looking at the Treason Season 2 story presents several different potential choices. If the series continues to focus on Kara, Russian spies could feature in a story where Olga Kurylenko's character is seen as a traitor to her country. The show could also follow Maddy as she tries to get revenge on Dede and expose some treasonous activity within the CIA. Treason season 2's story could even serve as a prequel, recounting Adam and Kara's time in Baku, which had a major impact on their lives. With no story details confirmed, the possibilities for a compelling story to tell in Treason season 2 are endless.

Treason Season 2's Story

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