Every Weapon Boba Fett Uses in the Star Wars Movies and TV Shows

Boba Fett, the infamous bounty hunter in Star Wars, is known for using a variety of different weapons to get the job done, but how many?

Since his first appearance in Star Wars, Boba Fett has been a mysterious bounty hunter armed with an assortment of weapons. He became a fan favorite due to his menacing, intimidating voice and his battle-hardened Beskar armor. Although Fett isn't really a Mandalorian, he's such an interesting character that Lucasfilm made a detailed movie about the Mandalorian and their way of life in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. background story.

In each of his live-action appearances, most recently the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett's Book, he always knows when to use the right tool for the job. Boba fought a variety of enemies, including Imperial stormtroopers, Tusken Raiders, and even Jedi Luke Skywalker. From the iconic elliptical spaceship to the classic flamethrower, Star Wars' Boba Fett has used a variety of gear to prove his worth as a bounty hunter and deadly foe .

Boba Fett's Armor

When he first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back in 1980, Boba Fett's armor immediately became one of the main elements of his character. It's made of Beskar, a rare metal that also happens to be the most durable metal in the galaxy. This armor allows Boba to withstand the blasters of Imperial stormtroopers. Even a Jedi lightsaber can't penetrate it sometimes. While protecting, however, Fett can still take damage from well-timed strikes or enemy gunfire. His circular helmet allows him to see in infrared, target enemy vehicles and intercept nearby communications. Boba Fett's iconic Mandalorian armor also comes with a jetpack, special bracers and knee rockets.

Czerka Z-X Flame-projector

Incinerator stormtroopers used flamethrower cannons during Imperial rule. While powerful, they also required them to carry heavy hoses and carry a fuel tank on their back. Boba Fett's version of this deadly weapon works the same way. However, what makes his design so special is that it has the same firepower and can be used simply from his left wrist glove, which makes it easier to use. When activated, the jar spits out a conical flame five meters long and one meter in diameter. The only downside is that it can only withstand three minutes of continuous operation.

Firespray Ship

Perhaps the most famous weapon used by Boba Fett is his Slave 1 ship, renamed the Spitfire in the new canon. period In the days of Boba's father, Jango Fett, the Firespray proved to be a dangerous menace as it was armed with a heavy twin blaster and two rapid-firing laser cannons. The starship is also equipped with two projectile launchers, each of which can hold up to three homing missiles or other rockets. If that wasn't enough for Fett, the Firespray even comes with a homing beacon and multiple proton torpedoes, which can seriously damage an opponent's ship. If he tags someone's ship with one of the navigation beacons, Boba can track the cargo ship through hyperspace.

Kelvarek Consolidated Arms MM-9 wrist rockets

Another key component of Boba Fett's Mandalorian armor is a special set of rockets housed in his wrist gauntlets. From a launcher attached to his gauntlet, a rocket fires and explodes, unleashing one of three things: flame and shrapnel, wrecking gas, or some form of nerve agent to kill or sedate an enemy target. The weapon can even use stun rockets, allowing the user to quickly gain the upper hand in a fight. Both Jango and Boba use wrist rockets that can be fired with the push of a button. The program on the wristband is a computer A target tracking system that enables the missile's targeting laser to track the enemy.

Knee-Pad Rocket Dart Launcher

In the season finale of The Star Wars Boba Fett Book, viewers saw the return of another iconic weapon wielded by the legendary bounty hunter, the knee dart launcher. Similar to his wrist rockets, the dart launcher is a creative addition to his armor, secured with Velcro to the metal plating of his knee pads. When used, rockets will be fired from the side of Boba's knee pads, which can stun or sedate the target. Explosive darts are often fired simultaneously, and Fett can use them to take out multiple opponents at once. A key component of this weapon is that Boba Fett can carry up to a hundred and twenty darts at a time, making him well equipped for battle.

Gaderffii (Gaffi Stick)

After being captured by Tusken marauders, Fett slays a large sand creature and saves a Tusken child in the process, earning him the respect of the Horde. During his time with the Sandmen, Boba learned how to wield the traditional Tusken Raider Garfield. Usually used with two hands, the average length of the weapon is less than four feet. it consists of a metal rod One end is bent into an L shape with a large stick with a hook or pointed spear. The other end of the stick usually includes a tool for striking opponents, and when combined, the user can use the deadly Gaderffii for a wide range of attack options.

BlasTech EE-3 Blaster rifle

Boba Fett's signature primary weapon, the EE-3 Carbine, is more powerful than the Imperial stormtrooper's blaster. Unlike the Stormtrooper blaster, the EE-3 fires in short bursts for greater accuracy and power. This is the standard weapon of the Protector of Mandalorian, but Boba modified the rifle to better suit him. Adding a stock to the weapon gives him better aim stability and recoil. The rifle also comes with a quick-draw shoulder strap and electronic scope, which works in Fett's favor as he can snipe in long-range combat.

Seismic Charge (space mine)

A more unique weapon hidden inside the Spitfire's hull is the shock bomb. Miners are powerful weapon systems mounted on vehicles to place space mines, helping to deploy these dangerous explosives. In The Mandalorian season 2, episode 7, "The Believer", Boba Fett uses it while escaping Imperial TIE fighters. However, initially Jango Fett used Slave 1 fires a seismic bomb during a space chase in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones. Only when the enemy ship comes within a certain predetermined range, the electric charge will be activated and explode, releasing a deadly powerful energy wave to the enemy target.

Fibercord whip

Boba Fett is seen standing by, most notably with his intricate wrist gloves. Boba's right hand glove has a long fiber rope that he uses to trap enemies. This is his first appearance in Return of the Jedi during his fight with Luke Skywalker in the Sarlacc Pit. At first, this seemed like an effective addition to Boba's arsenal, but Luke just cut the cord, rendering it useless. Considering Luke was a talented Jedi in Boba Fett's Return of the Jedi fight, it's likely that this weapon will work better against opponents who don't use the Force or lightsabers.

Z-6 Jetpack

In the heat of firefights, Boba's Z-6 jetpack proved to be a useful tool for dodging blaster shots with ease. Jetpacks have long been favored by Mandalorian commandos throughout the galaxy. An impressive feature of the jetpack is that when combined with a scope On Boba's helmet, it locks onto an enemy combatant and fires a homing missile, dealing massive damage. With the Z-6 jetpack, Fett also has a height advantage over opponents who can only fight from below. A notable downside of Boba's jetpack in Star Wars is that, with one simple hit, it can catch fire and spin out of control, potentially causing injury or even death to the person wearing it.

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