Every Movie Coming in January 2023

January 2023 will see a horror movie starring an AI doll, a comedy starring Tom Hanks, Jesse Eisenberg's directorial debut, and more.

January 2023 won't be releasing many blockbusters in theaters, but it will bring a variety of interesting flicks, including a horror flick about dolls, a comedy about grumpy old men, two distinct thrillers, A prequel to the drama begins in 2020 with a film based on the audio drama and a French romantic drama. December sees the last of 2022's blockbuster releases, including Christmas dark comedy "A Night of Violence," historical action film "Liberation," Darren Aronofsky's "Whale," James Cameron "Avatar: The Way of Water," the adventure cartoon "Puss in Boots": "The Last Wish," the biographical musical "I Want to Dance With Somebody," and Damien Chazelle's epic period Comedy Babylon.

Since January is usually a slow month for movie releases, it's not surprising that the first few weeks of 2023 won't see any blockbuster releases, but that doesn't mean there won't be something to enjoy on the big screen .And then, in January comes a horror movie about AI dolls going on a killing spree (and with some cool dance moves), with Tom Hanks playing a grumpy old man, Jesse Eisenberg's directorial debut, Prequel Father, and a French romantic film starring Léa Seydoux. Here's every movie coming out in January 2023.

M3GAN – January 6

M3GAN is a science fiction horror film directed by Gerard Johnstone based on the story of Akela Cooper and James Wan. Gemma (Allison Williams), a brilliant roboticist who works for a toy company, unexpectedly gains custody of her niece Cady (Violet McGraw) after her parents are killed in a car accident. Gemma used artificial intelligence to develop M3GAN, a lifelike doll programmed to be Cady's best mate and Gemma's ally in parenting, but the doll became self-aware and overprotective of Cady, causing her to kill all road people. M3GAN also stars Ronny Chieng, Brian Jordan Alvarez, Jen Van Epps, Amie Donald and Stephane Garneau-Monten.

A Man Called Otto – January 13

A Man Called Otto is a comedy film directed by Mark Foster based on the 2012 novel "A Man Called Ove" by Frederick Buckman. Otto Anderson (Tom Hanks) is a grumpy 60-year-old man who decides to end his life when he is forced to quit his job for nearly four years after his wife dies. However, his attempts are often interrupted by his overly cheerful new neighbor, Who does he end up forming an unlikely friendship with. A Man Called Otto also stars Mariana Trevinho, Rachel Keller, Manuel García-Rulfo, Cameron Britton and Mike Beer Villa. A Man Called Otto opens in limited theaters on December 30, 2022.

Alice, Darling – January 20

Dear Alice is the directorial debut of Mary Nighy. It follows Alice (Anna Kendrick), a woman pushed to the breaking point by her psychologically abusive boyfriend, Simon (Charlie Carrick). While on vacation with two of her closest friends, Alice rediscovers her own essence and gains much-needed perspective, which leads her to slowly sever the cords of codependency that bind her. Unfortunately, Simon's revenge is inevitable, and once released, Alice's strength, courage and her deep-rooted friendship will be tested. Alice, Honey also stars Kaniehtiio Horn, Wunmi Mosaku and Mark Winnick. Dear Alice is in limited release on December 30, 2022.

Missing – January 20

Missing is a drama thriller directed by Nicholas D. Johnson and Will Merrick. This is the story of June (Storm Reed), who is now looking for answers when her mother Grace (Nia Long) goes missing while vacationing in Columbia with her new boyfriend. However, her search Hindered by international red tape, and trapped miles from her home in Los Angeles, June must get creative with the technology at her disposal to try to find her mother before it's too late - but then... As she digs deeper, her digital detective work raises even more money. Questions and dark secrets about her mom start to surface.

The Son – January 20

The Son is a drama film directed by Florian Zeller, based on his 2018 stage play of the same name and a prequel to the 2020 film Father. Years after his parents divorced, 17-year-old Nicholas Miller (Zen McGrath) decided he couldn't live with his mother Kate (Laura Dern), and moved in with his father Peter (Hugh Jack). Mann) lives with his girlfriend Beth (Vanessa Kirby). Peter does his best to take care of Peter while juggling work, his and Beth's new baby, his chance at a dream job in Washington, and wishing his own dad had taken care of him. However, correcting his mistakes by looking to the past, Peter forgot how to catch Nicholas in the present. Son releases for the week of November 25, 2022.

When You Finish Saving The World – January 20

You Finish Saving The World is a coming-of-age comedy written and directed by Jesse Eisenberg, making his directorial debut and based on his 2020 sound film of the same name. Ziggy (Finn Wolfhard) is a high school student who plays original folk-rock songs to his devoted online fan base, much to the confusion of his straitened mother Evelyn (Julianne Moore). Evelyn, who runs a shelter for survivors of domestic violence, encounters Angie (Eleonore Hendricks) and her son Kay when Ziggy tries to impress his high school crush. (Billy Bryk) and saw a bond between them that she lacked with her son, so she went against her better instincts and placed Kyle in her under the wings of When You're Finished Save the World premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2022, and a year later, it's finally ready to hit theaters.

In From The Side – January 20

In From The Side is a British film directed by Matt Carter. It tells the story of Mark (Alexander Lincoln), a new and somewhat inexperienced rugby player for the B team of a gay London rugby club who, after getting drunk, meets A team star player Warren (Alexander King). ) - both of them have long-term partners. However, Mark and The Warrens continue their affair and try to keep it a secret not only from their partners but from their teammates - but once the secret is out the future of the rugby club is in jeopardy. In From The Side opens in the UK in September 2022, with a final US release in January 2023.

One Fine Morning – January 27

Good Morning (Un Beau Matin) is a romantic drama film written and directed by Mia Hansen-Love. Sandra Kienzler (Léa Seydoux) lives with her 8-year-old daughter and struggles with her father's neurodegenerative disease. While trying to find a decent nursing home, Sandra came across a friend whom she started having an affair with even though he was in a relationship. Pascal Greggory, Melvil Poupaud and Nicole Garcia also star in One Fine Morning.

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