Every 2023 Horror Game We Can't Wait To Play

With a long list of horror games planned for 2023, there's no shortage of scares in the new year -- but some stand out more than others.

2022 isn't the biggest year for horror, but 2023, on the other hand, looks set to change that all over the place. From remakes of timeless classics to brand new titles that could make waves in the industry, horror fans may want to plan their schedules for these upcoming releases. They might also want to get ready, though, because these 2023 horror games look too good to be true.

However, the handful of horrors in 2022 did not disappoint. Mortuary Assistant stands out as offering an entirely unique gameplay that's been executed remarkably well by its single developer. Scorn's eight-year development cycle came to an end with its October release, and it proved the wait was worth it with remarkable art direction. Despite its meager numbers, the best horror games of 2022 live up to the hype; but 2023 promises to get even better with its exciting and terrifying releases.

Dead Space Remake Revives The Original Game

One of the most anticipated games of 2022 is the remake of 2008's Dead Space. Players will once again have the opportunity to step into the ranks of Isaac Clarke, explore the abandoned USG Ishimura, try Navigate a world of isolation, strange religions, and terrifying Necromorphs hunting him every step of the way. Fifteen years after its predecessor, the remake features improved graphics and sound design, even gore, and the return of Isaac's voice actor, Gunner Wright, who will be even more vocal this time around on his journey.

Dead Space Remake remains very faithful to the original game, as the basic plot will remain relatively unchanged. However, for those who played the original, the upcoming game won't be exactly what they remember. EA Motive promises new character interactions, frights, and other twists to make the game worth playing, even for hardcore fans. Otherwise, those who haven't experienced the joys of "Dead Space" will spend their lives on this psychological space adventure.

Amnesia: The Bunker Continues The Beloved Series

Along the same lines, the infamous Amnesia series returns in 2023 with Amnesia: The Bunker. Considered by many to be one of the scariest games of all time, Frictional Games have had a lot of success with their previous titles, such as the hugely popular Amnesia: The Dark Descent. However, Amnesia: The Bunker will give players more control than ever before, taking the franchise in a whole new direction. The map takes place in a post-World War I bunker and will have more content to explore, somewhat with an open-world sandbox design.

The shift to a less linear narrative experience was a big leap for Amnesia: The Bunker, but perhaps the biggest change players will experience is being able to wield weapons for the first time. A brief gameplay clip uploaded to YouTube by Frictional Games shows a pistol with which the main character picks a lock (the monster responds with a menacing growl). The ability to defend yourself is appealing to those who might have found the original game a little too much, but even amnesiacs should find it a refreshing change of pace.

Improvements Are Bountiful In Resident Evil 4 Remake

Also highly anticipated is the unnecessary but exciting Resident Evil 4 remake. Like Amnesia, the Resident Evil franchise is a horror classic, and many would agree that 2005's Resident Evil 4 was already one of its best, making it one of the most beloved of its kind. The remake came with sky-high expectations. play again In fan favorite Leon Kennedy, players are tasked with solving the mystery of a secluded town that seems to be under the control of an evil (and violent) force. According to the official Resident Evil website, the remake will include better graphics, gameplay improvements, and story changes.

However, there are a few other tweaks that look particularly promising. Crafting will reportedly become an even bigger part of the gameplay--while merchants won't disappear, players will be able to craft their own supplies instead of just relying on friendly item suppliers. The Resident Evil 4 remake also looks extra gory compared to the 2005 version, which will be in line with previous Resident Evil remakes, but it has the potential to be the most graphically violent game in the series to date.

Alan Wake 2's Shift To Survival Is Promising

Alan Wake 2 has been on the minds of horror fans since the first Alan Wake - with the sequel finally announced at The Game Awards 2021, its 2023 release is becoming a reality. Released in 2010, the first game became an instant hit with its thrilling psychological horror and third-person shooter gameplay school. Remedy Entertainment will be ditching the format for now, though, as Alan Wake 2 makes a wise move toward survival horror.

Players are unlikely to have any weapons, and they may even lose their trusty flashlight. However, players who feel vulnerable will allow Alan Wake 2 to explore psychological themes effectively. As a result, they may be deeper and darker this time around.

Release Dates Of The Best 2023 Horror Games

There are plenty of horror games for 2023 to choose from, but each of these shows great promise, both in terms of game-changing improvements and brand new gameplay. The only possible downside is that 2023 has the potential to oversaturate the genre with many horror games - but as next year rolls around, most people will hardly notice that, which will bring them closer than ever to these new game.

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