Elden Ring: Stormveil Castle Mystery Boss Direct

Underneath Stormveil Castle, Elden Ring fans can discover a mystery mini-dungeon with plunder, covered up legend, and a boss that yields a Brilliant Seed upon vanquish.

Profound beneath the stalwart protections of Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring lies a covered up tomb lodging an Ulcerated Tree Soul, too known as the "Root Beast." Killing this boss will remunerate Discolored explorers with a Brilliant Seed, the profitable asset required for overhauling Carafes. Be that as it may, not at all like the affected Margit or Godrick, the Root Beast is an discretionary mystery in Elden Ring concealed underneath the castle's underground cave.

As a result, numerous explorers likely bypass this zone which holds valuable assets, legend privileged insights, and rarities, such as the Sovereign of Death's Pustule Charm. To discover this covered up underground region and overcome Stormveil Castle's mystery boss, Discolored travelers must start investigating from the Separated Cell Location of Beauty, right close to Godrick's boss field. Head southwestward into the little zone with the collapsed floor and family of Living Jugs.

Go up the incline and turn around to confront the insides entrance. On the cleared out sits a walkway and a little wooden stage driving to a walkable edge on the inverse divider. Here, players can jump over to another covered up range on the defense.

Stormveil Castle's Secret Underground Crypt

Another, Discolored ought to head up to the third level over the Living Containers in Elden Ring and enter a entryway driving to a room full of threatening Commoners. The following entryway will lead to a little overhang with the in-game message, "Doubtlessly what you look for is some place near by." From here, turn cleared out and cautiously total the hopping astound along the edges of the castle's external divider. Inside the another region, Discolored will be able to open the bolted entryway of the Liftside Chamber.

​​Elden Ring fans can proceed making their way more profound into the sepulcher, battling through bats and rats along the way. The ground level is secured with rubble and does require the player to wind approximately the way. In any case, the direct path will lead to a edge that drops into a open room that serves as the Root Monster's sanctuary. Once explorers drop underneath the voracious Ulcerated Tree Soul will burst from the floor, starting the boss fight in Elden Ring.

How to Beat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit

The Ulcerated Tree Soul in Stormvel Castle has the same moveset as the variations Discolored will experience afterward within the diversion. High-level explorers returning to Stormveil Castle to obtain its mystery Brilliant Seed ought to have no inconvenience putting the monster down. In any case, those who are lower leveled or less experienced are prescribed to battle this fight with a shield and a weapon pervaded with Fire or Ice.

The Root Creature is frail to Fire and Frostbite, and the shield will permit Discolored to persevere blows in the event that they do not have room to avoid, as the boss takes up a great parcel of the accessible space. For early amusement players having inconvenience, check out the YouTube video from Cerny Gaming underneath to see how to cheese the Root Beast effortlessly. Once Elden Ring's mystery Ulcerated Tree Soul is dead, players will get a Brilliant Seed for their carafes and can plunder the Ruler of Death's Pustule Charm from a adjacent carcass.

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