Elden Ring: The Best Getting Started Tips You Probably Didn't Know

Elden Ring is known for its hard-to-intimidate boss fights. These getting started tips will help players breathe easier in Lands Between.

Elden Ring is not a game that players can jump right into and expect immediate results, so some getting started tips would be very helpful. If the player is new to Elden Ring or FromSoftware games in general and is jumping into Lands Between, there are several game mechanics to learn.

Anyone who has played a Souls game knows how hard the first game in the series was. These games have a reputation for being brutal, and many people say that Elden Ring is too difficult.

Create A Specific Build

In many RPGs, players tend to divide their resources evenly to make their character a jack-of-all-trades, but this is a disastrous mistake in Elden Ring, as every leveling decision matters and requires serious consideration. Also, since they cover a wide variety of playstyles, it's not a good idea to just average each stat. Instead, players should keep a certain type of building in mind from the start of the game, and make sure all their classes, gear, and upgrade decisions support that playstyle.

Stealth Can Be Very Useful

Exploration of the game takes a long time. While players cannot avoid the big bosses in Elden Ring, they can sneak past them in Open up the world by crouching and disappearing from view. In some cases, it may even be critical to survival. Defiler should dodge and sneak up on enemies instead of fighting them in combat if they want to get to the next Land of Grace and have almost no health.

Rolling Versus Blocking

Shielding and parrying have their uses, but rolling is a stronger defensive strategy for someone who is quick and observant. Rolling past an opponent's attack creates the possibility of a counterattack and prevents the player from suffering severe stamina loss from blocking powerful enemy attacks, which could cause the player to lose their stance and become vulnerable. Players can also wield weapons with two hands and deal more damage without a shield.

Weapon Upgrades & Character Levels Are Both Important

Players must not forget to update their weapons with Smithing Stones at the blacksmith in Elden Ring. First, leveling up will increase damage at a faster rate than just leveling up as a novice. They also increased the stat levels of weapons, increasing the amount of damage players dealt at each level. If they delay leveling up, characters will start to feel much weaker than their opponents Or upgrade their weapons. Runes are required for everything, including character upgrades and weapon upgrades.

These are some great tips for those looking to master the game. It's not an easy game by any means, so it's imperative to utilize these tricks, and any others the player discovers along the way. To make their journey easier, players can use additional strategies or walkthrough guides in Elden Ring.

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