Eddie's Stranger Things Death, Explained

Eddie Munson was one of Stranger Things season 4's most beloved characters, and his death scene was as important to the series as it was emotion.

Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) brought irony and humor to "Stranger Things," and his death was one of the most tragic and momentous moments of season four. After rescuing Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo), Eddie picks up the guitar and plays a Metallica song with the melody. Epic, unforgettable scene. Eddie knows not everyone will make it out of the Upside Down alive because Vecna's evil is too powerful, and he wants his friends to remember him in a positive, special way. Ashamed of his past nervousness and insecurities, Eddie decides to be bold, confident and heroic.

While Eddie was a fan-favorite character who weren't ready to see him go, his death was not as controversial as Barb Holland's death in Stranger Things, as his story would end in It makes sense to end this way. Accepting Eddie's death is difficult, especially given the difficult times he and his new friends went through, but his death is important to the overall story and explains what the inhabitants of Hawkins experience through their interactions with the Upside Down Evil Character growth. Eddie's death on 'Stranger Things' is frustrating, but season 4 ends Satisfying and logical way.

How Does Eddie From Stranger Things Die?

In the Stranger Things season 4 finale "The Piggyback", Eddie and Dustin appear in an alternate dimension version of the former's home trailer "The Upside Down", with Demobats making terrifying noises on rooftops. Eddie rescues Dustin and gets on his bike, knowing the bat will come after him. Then Eddie made the difficult and decisive decision of his life: he was going to die so everyone else could live. He knows exactly what he's doing and will go ahead with his plan.

Eddie losing his body and soul to the music is one of the most memorable parts of season four of Stranger Things. When Eddie plays his upside-down song, Metallica's "Master of Puppets," the character shares his love of heavy metal and finds joy in a terrifying moment. The bat came down on Eddie and who knew it was it. With nowhere to go, Eddie discovers some inner strength he didn't know he had. He is proud of his courage and loves that he was able to face his fears and save his friends. It's nice to see Eddie go through so much in a short time despite the darkness at this time.

Why Eddie's Stranger Things Death Matters

"Stranger Things" has always focused on the bonds Dustin has formed with his friends, whether it's his original team, the Boss, or Steve Harrington (Joe Keery). In season 4 of the show, Dustin developed another important bond with Eddie, which brought meaning to his death. Eddie cared about Dustin and learned that it wasn't corny or stupid to have compassion and love for others. It allowed him to change into a human being and feel a sense of connection with his family or the residents of Hawkins that he never had before. Eddie and Dustin's short time together feels meaningful and shows that this show is all about close friendship.

Eddie also had a meaningful death, as he also inspired courage in the other characters in the show. While "Stranger Things" has a suspended animation issue and often feels like the main characters are going to die when they're not, the conclusion to Eddie's storyline is strong. When the main characters stand in the field and realize that the Upside Down is taking over, the unwavering determination on their faces is a tribute to Eddie's spirit. Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) seems especially ready to fight, And she'll likely lead the charge again in season 5.

Eddie's journey changed Dustin in particular. Due to their love of Dungeons and Dragons, Dustin and Eddie became friendly at their high school's Hellfire Club, and Dustin cherished their time together after Eddie's death. Eddie shows Dustin that it's okay to be different and that other people's opinions don't matter. The other characters don't believe that Dustin's girlfriend Suzy (Gabriella Pizzolo) is real, and they're frustrated with Dustin's talkative personality, who sometimes feels that despite being a mainstay of the show, Lonely. Eddie helps Dustin take pride in who he is and have more fun, and the two act like kids together, which is touching.

How Does Eddie's Death Set Up Season 5?

Eddie's death in Stranger Things season 4 is also crucial to season 5, as it suggests that more major characters may die. With a huge fight between Eleven and Vecna ​​and the arrival of the Upside-Down Creature, the stakes are high, and anyone could lose their life in the final few episodes. There are theories that Eleven, Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), and Max Mayfield (Sady Sink) will all die. Eddie's touching final scene points to Duffer Brothers repeating the genre The plot line again makes for an epic conclusion.

The planned Stranger Things season 5 time jump also suggests that other major characters will be on an emotional journey like Eddie. The exact number of years the show will skip is unknown, but Eleven and her friends will definitely be several years older, perhaps in their senior year of high school. Eddie overcomes his fear and embraces what he doesn't like. Someone else might do the same in the final episode, turning the flaw into a perfect way to defeat Vecna ​​and other upside-down creatures.

There appears to be some brief nods to Eddie in the Stranger Things series finale. As the group confronts the evil in their town once and for all, they'll lean on each other and remember Eddie's strength. Maybe there will be a moving montage of Eddie and Dustin's friendship and the former's talented guitar playing. Eddie sacrificed himself to death, and the other characters felt the effects of what he did. It's easy to imagine what the final season of "Stranger Things" is aiming for As emotional and impactful as Eddie's final moments in Upside Down.

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