Dying Light 2: How to Get the Crossbow (and Bolts)

The crossbow is a powerful ranged weapon in Dying Light 2 and, along with its crossbow bolts, can only be obtained by allying with the Peacekeeper.

Players looking for the best weapons in Dying Light 2 will need to have crossbows on their radar, along with the different types of bolts that can be crafted for ammo. The crossbow is a semi-automatic weapon that can only be obtained when players make certain choices involving peacekeepers that permanently affect their gameplay. Additionally, players can craft six different types of bolts for Dying Light 2's crossbow, with blueprints that differ only slightly from each other.

In Dying Light 2, the Guardians of Peace are a faction that players can choose to join as they progress through the story. By helping the Peacekeepers, the player distances himself from the Survivors, whom he first met at the Bazaar in Villedor. Both factions battle for control of the city throughout the game, and players can earn unique rewards from each faction. Unfortunately, players can only ally with one faction, and the only way to get a crossbow in Dying Light 2 is to ally with the Peacekeepers.

How to Get Dying Light 2's Crossbow

In order to be consistent with the peacekeepers, the player needs to assign control of the water towers or power stations in the area to the peacekeepers group. Just like saving the Peacekeeper Aitor in Dying Light 2, assigning neutral territories to Peacekeeper control will have a major impact on how the story unfolds.

Once the player hands over control of the four water towers or power stations to the Peacekeepers, Dying Light 2 crossbows are automatically granted to them, along with blueprints for each of the different types of crossbows. Once the city alignment reaches level four, head to Aiden's hideout in any safe zone with the peacekeepers to find weapons.

Why the Crossbow is Dying Light 2's Best Weapon

There are several reasons why the crossbow is the best weapon in Dying Light 2, the first being that it never degrades. It can be used infinitely throughout the game, no matter when the player acquires it. This means players won't have to use the Korek Talisman found in Dying Light 2's secret development room. Under normal circumstances, the amulet will significantly increase the durability of the weapon, but the only things that will improve the crossbow are the player's level, perks, and the bolt itself.

As players level up in Dying Light 2, crossbow damage increases with their level. This means that players can still inflict Deals massive damage to high-level enemies, even if the enemies level up to the player's level after the level is cleared. Additionally, all ranger perks apply to crossbows as well. Finally, its ammunition is similar to all the different types of arrows, but since the crossbow is semi-automatic, it's far superior to the bow in Dying Light 2.

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