Dragon Ball Super just made an unlikely GT character canon

An unlikely character from Dragon Ball GT just made a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball Super, proving Toyotaro's enthusiasm for the series.

Dragon Ball Super made the Dragon Ball GT character canon. While it's just a cameo, and a minor character at that, it's proof that Dragon Ball Super creator Toyotaro is such a big fan of the series created by Akira Toriyama that he keeps referencing its lore with little Easter eggs, only more enthusiastically- Eye fans can spot.

Dragon Ball GT occupies an odd place in the universe of Goku and his friends. As the first official "sequel" to Dragon Ball, arguably the most influential modern manga/anime series, Dragon Ball GT cannot be ignored. Many western viewers transitioned directly to GT from the end of Dragon Ball Z, so they considered it a canon sequel. However, the series was created by Toei Animation with little to no Toriyama involvement. This created plot inconsistencies and adverse reactions, which made fans question the canon of Dragon Ball GT for decades, especially after the original series' "true" sequel, Dragon Ball Super, succeeded Majin Boo. The development of Ou Legend.

Dragon Ball Super artist and co-writer Toutaro is a huge fan of the series. In fact, before being hired After teaming up with Toriyama on Super, Toutaro created his own Dragon Ball GT fanfic sequel, titled Dragon Ball AF, which became a hit and caught the attention of Shueisha. In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88, Toutaro shows just how much of a Dragon Ball geek he is, introducing a character from Dragon Ball GT: Legacy of Heroes, a TV special that aired in Japan in 1997, It's the last episode of Dragon Ball GT. The character in question, in Super, is an unnamed man who owns a hot dog stand and serves it to Trunks on his way to school. This man looks exactly like the truck driver in Legacy of Heroes who gave Goku a ride and then stole all of his food.

Toyotarou's References To Dragon Ball GT Prove He Respects That Part Of The Franchise

The reference is pretty obvious because the guy who starved Goku is now feeding Trunks. While this is just an unnamed cameo, it's proof that Toutaro has been finding ways to surprise fans with hidden references and easter eggs. A Hero's Legacy is a rather obscure part of the franchise, and it's set a hundred years after the end of Dragon Ball GT, showing Goku's descendant, Goku Jr., who also appears briefly in GT's finale, where he fights Vegeta Jr. What makes the whole story even more interesting is the fact that Dragon Ball is now considered a canon part of the franchise's timeline, as confirmed by Shueisha itself, which means the same applies to Goku's adventures.

Dragon Ball Super manages not to interfere with GT too much, as it actually takes place in the seven-year gap between Buu's defeat and Dragon Ball Z's finale. However, as the series timeline progresses (it actually jumps forward quite a bit in its latest arc), Dragon Ball Super will inevitably catch up to GT's start. Until then, fans can rest assured that Toutaro is Dragon Ball's biggest fan, and he's often referred to Dragon Ball GT as proof that he'll give this part of the franchise the respect it deserves if it ever needs to be adapted into a manga.

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