Dragon Ball Confirms Trunks Is A Better Warrior Without Vegeta

Trunks has been a proven fighter in every DBZ timeline he's been in, but he's a significantly better fighter without Vegeta's influence.

In Dragon Ball, Trunks was an incredible fighter in both timelines of his existence, but it seems like one version was more efficient than the other - that version didn't grow and learn from Vegeta .

Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma, although this fact is not very clear when he first appears. Trunks debuted at the very beginning of the Android Saga as a mysterious Saiyan warrior who killed Frieza like it was nothing. As it turns out, Trunks has traveled back in time from an alternate future, where robots have wiped out most of humanity -- including his father, Vegeta. In that reality, Trunks never knew Vegeta because he died when Trunks was a baby, once Trunks started training with Vegeta in the current timeline And fighting, Vegeta's lack of influence on him becomes very apparent. However, looking at how Trunks, who grew up with his father, behaved in fights, the opposite is true.

In Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball chapter 489, Majin Buu arrives at the observation tower and asks Fight with the strongest warriors on Earth. At this point in the series, both Goku and Vegeta have died recently (Vegeta died more recently than Goku), while Gohan is believed to be dead. This means that only Goten and Trunks - who are still just kids - are the only ones who stand a chance against Buu. However, the only way they could potentially beat him is if they do the fusion dance and become Gotenks - something they haven't quite mastered yet. To give them as much time as possible, Piccolo distracts Buu while Trunks and Goten train in the hyperbolic time chamber. Not only did the boys train, but they came up with a plan of attack that Trunks spearheaded - a battle strategy that Vegeta would certainly be proud of.

Vegeta’s Pride is Why He Loses So Many Fights, & He Passed that to Trunks

Back in the Android/Cell Sagas, after the Android threat subsides and the Z-Fighters are dealing with Cell, Trunks wants to kill the villain before he absorbs 18 and reaches his final form, and Vegeta actively supports Cell's idea becomes more Powerful enough to fight him at his best - Vegeta lost the battle. Then, when Trunks returns to his future timeline, he quickly kills the two droids And cells before they have a chance to grow in power. Future Trunks' behavior is a far cry from his younger counterpart. When Kid Trunks plans to attack Buu with Goten, he has the same idea as Vegeta: fight him at a lower power level for a while, then unleash everything and finish him off. Trunks explains that he and Goten have been training for this fight for a week, and they don't want it to end immediately, even if the fate of the world is at stake - words that could also come from Vegeta himself.

Vegeta is notorious for prolonging battles for Saiyan pride to prove his superiority. Unfortunately, this method of fighting is the reason Vegeta loses so many fights, Cell is just one example - the same thing happened in his son's fight with Buu. Kid Trunks played too much with Buu and he and Goten lost. However, Future Trunks never hesitates when someone needs to die, as demonstrated by Frieza, 17, 18, and Cell - and he wins all his fights in seconds. this The results speak for themselves, and based on the evidence in these Dragon Ball chapters, it's clear that Trunks is a better fighter without Vegeta's influence.

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