Doctor Who: The 10 Best Quotes From Rory Williams

Rory Williams is one of Doctor Who's best sidekicks, and his quotes show how brave and compassionate he is.

With Doctor Who's 60th anniversary fast approaching, former allies are more likely than ever to appear. Billie Piper played out the moment at the 50th anniversary celebration, and in the centennial special, old pals return. A fellow fan wants to see more from Rory Williams, whose last episode aired more than a decade ago. Although not as popular as his wife, Amy, Rory is a very brave and kind character, and it's great to see him back for another adventure.

Although Rory initially entered the TARDIS as the Doctor's rival in love, he quickly earned his place, similar to former companion Donna Noble. Rory reined in the Doctor, reminding him and Amy that they should care more about helping others than defeating enemies. Along with his compassion, he had a great sense of humor and undying loyalty, both of which are amply captured in his top ten quotes.

"What's The Answer To Not Get Us Killed?"

Season 6, Episode 10: "The Girl Who Waited"

Rory quickly adapted to life on the TARDIS, judging new situations with the precision of a human trained to classify. While enjoying the adventure, he is also most worried about his safety and Amy's safety, which leads him to Some great quotes.

Here, he tries to answer the robot's questions without killing himself or Amy, while asking both the doctor and the robot what he should say to ensure the outcome. It's a great comedic line that showcases his uncertainty, in contrast to the Doctor's vast knowledge base.

"Putting Hitler In The Cupboard. Cupboard. Hitler. Hitler. Cupboard."

Season 6, Episode 8: "Let's Kill Hitler"

All the antics of the Doctor Who Moffat era are on full display in "Let's Kill Hitler", a robot torture doppelganger and River Opera. When Rory is told to put Hitler in the cupboard, he gets one of the best lines of the episode, and he handles it quickly and executes it.

Rory was always aware of how ridiculous some of their adventures were, and the idea of ​​locking one of the most villainous human beings who ever lived in his own closet was almost too bizarre to accept. Dean Winchester loves that he killed Hitler in Supernatural, while Rory gets over his shock and focuses on more important tasks.

"You Have No Idea How Dangerous You Make People To Themselves When You're Around."

Season 5, Episode 6: "The Vampires Of Venice"

Rory is very good at holding the Doctor accountable for his actions, one of the best examples of this comes from his first real-life episode as a sidekick. Amy puts herself in Dangerous position, Rory made sure the doctor knew it was because of him.

This is not new news for the Doctor to hear, but it seems to be news he often forgets. People became more self-sacrificing after he was around, and he was never the one who ended up dying for it. The Doctor is dangerous, and Rory is one of the few companions willing to tell him that.

"I Don't Care That You Got Old. I Care That We Didn't Grow Old Together."

Season 6, Episode 10: "The Girl Who Waited"

Rory has repeatedly proven that he would do anything for Amy, but "The Waiting Girl" complicates everything. With the time flow in disarray, he and the Doctor end up abandoning Amy for nearly 40 years.

When he knew the truth, he made it clear that he didn't care about Amy's looks or age, only the fact that they had been apart for so long. He deeply understands the pain she must be feeling, and will try anything to undo it so he and Amy can spend their lives together like he's always dreamed of.

"I Died And Turned Into A Roman. It's Very Distracting."

Season 5, Episode 12: "The Pandorica Opens"

It was heartbreaking to watch Rory die after Amy had confirmed her love for him, but it was even worse to watch her forget him. when fans watch However, looking at the story from Amy's and the Doctor's perspective, this quote explains how Rory experiences his own strange displacement.

After dying and being wiped, he just woke up as a Roman with all knowledge and skills. This strange duality has stayed with him throughout his run on the show, and the idea of ​​living both lives as a "distraction" rather than madness is a good example of how quickly he adjusts to the chaotic world around him. how fast.

"I Haven't Told You For Seven Hours That I Love You, Which Is A Scandal!"

Season 5, Episode 6: "The Vampires Of Venice"

When fans look back on Rory, they often think of his greatest romantic gestures, but this quote shows that love was a constant choice for him, not just an action. Romance movies thrive on normalizing the notion that grand gestures are more important than ordinary affection, and Rory does just the opposite.

This line is said when he is drunk, but it is very reflective of his character and he feels it is vital to show Amy how much he loves her every day. His bond with Amy is so strong because he is dedicated to loving her every moment of every day.

"I Know That She's Afraid. And She Needs Our Help."

Season 6, Episode 5: "The Rebel Flesh"

Before the doctor came into his life, Rory's first priority was to help people. This line shows that his priorities never changed. Amy and the Doctor are wary of the gang, but Rory sees a real person. While Amy is still largely bound by the notion that humanity = kindness, Rory only wants to help those in need.

Especially in season six, the Doctor becomes a soldier, concerned with defeating his enemies. Rory's character as the nurse rejects that notion, leaving viewers to question whether the doctor is still the hero they want to believe in.

"Will She Be Safer If I Stay? ... Then How Could I Leave Her?"

Season 5, Episode 13: "The Big Bang"

Both the Doctor and Rory are heroes, but their basic impulses are completely opposite. This quote shows it perfectly. While the Doctor can't sit still for days, let alone two thousand years, Rory always puts others above his own happiness.

Rory's tireless devotion to Amy is on full display when he becomes the Lonely Centurion. The Doctor jumps forward in time, while Rory lives every second of those two thousand years, putting himself at risk to make sure nothing ever hurts Amy.

"I'd Forgotten Not All Victories Are About Saving The Universe."

Season 6, Episode 11: "The God Complex"

The season six finale does a good job of setting up the idea of ​​Amy and Rory returning to normal human life, Rory was the main driver of that decision. He's stopped resenting the doctor for taking Amy away, but he's also seen how many people need small help, and he can help as a nurse rather than a time traveler.

It's easy to feel insignificant watching an action movie, but this quote from Rory shows just how important normal life is. Treating others well, helping them recover, and celebrating their victories is as important as the Doctor's world-saving adventures, and the Doctor (and the audience) need to be reminded of that.

"Would You Like Me To Repeat The Question?"

Season 6, Episode 7: "A Good Man Goes To War"

This moment is Rory's worst and absolutely deserved. When Silence took Amy and their baby, he went to the Cybermen to find out where they were. While they were more interested in hearing the Doctor's message than Rory's questions, the Doctor detonated their fleet behind him, adding to the impact of his words.

This is an important moment, as Rory is the leader of the rescue team and the Doctor is his backup. He didn't wait for the doctor to save Amy, in fact he would confront the Cyberman head-on, and then Crying over his newborn baby shortly thereafter shows exactly why Rory is the perfect love object. In contrast to the Doctor's blatant heroism, Rory is pure human, with all the uncertainty, compassion, and courage that come with it.

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