Disney Princes: The 10 Least Practical Costumes for the Characters, Ranked

The costumes of these Disney princes are worthy of attention. From Prince Edward to Aladdin, these costumes are simply not practical in some situations.

Disney has introduced its fans to countless princes throughout its history. More often than not, these stories revolve around their princess counterparts, keeping them in the shadows. Many of them are simply called "Prince Charming" mostly because of their looks, not their style.

Their attire choices seem impractical given the situation they are in. The Beast probably doesn't need to dress so lavishly at home, Li Shang can wear a shirt to training, and Prince Edward definitely needs a change of clothes not to stick out like a sore thumb.

Prince Phillip's Tunic And Tights

The handsome prince is engaged to Aurora, dressed as a not-so-typical Disney prince from Sleeping Beauty. He was wearing a taupe sleeveless tunic over a black turtleneck shirt, dark brown pants and black boots. His red cape and hat tie the outfit together, bringing out his explorer side.

Disney's princes typically wear princely attire, including a royal jacket, straight-leg pants, gloves, and boots. But Prince Philip was dressed a little differently, looking uncomfortable in tight clothing, especially on horseback. His red cloak makes him useless when searching the woods, easily grabbed by anything. when he kills Dragon, he wears the same but offers no protection and is therefore impractical.

Prince Eric Shredded Fit After Being Saved By Ariel

Despite being a member of the royal family, Prince Eric of The Little Mermaid wears very casual sailor attire. He was wearing a white long-sleeve roll-up shirt, turquoise trousers and black boots. One day at sea, he fell off the boat and was lucky to be rescued by Ariel, which marked the princess as a real hero. Eric's clothes were torn as they headed to shore, possibly from rough waves.

Since his clothes are in tatters, and the red belt and boots are missing, his attire is certainly not suitable for sailing. He is not equipped with clothing more suitable for sea adventures, such as nautical attire. The trip might even be windy and bumpy, so a jacket would be nice. While it's a little unrealistic, it's not the worst of them all.

Aladdin's Street Rat Outfit

Being royal through marriage is definitely good for Aladdin. For as long as he can remember, he's been out on the streets and creating his own style. In Aladdin's wandering days, his gear kept him pretty limited. he walks up and down Barefoot in a purple tank top, red felt hat, and baggy cream-colored trousers.

His baggy pants do not appear to be practical since he is moving so fast and there is a risk of getting caught on something. Known for stealing, running barefoot is certainly not ideal as he gets chased by guards. He wasn't even prepared to wear a shirt if the weather turned gloomy and cold. It's not the most impractical costume choice for a Disney prince, but it's definitely one of them.

John Smith's Exploration Outfit

John encounters Pocahontas after being captured during the Virginia expedition. As a young British explorer, he was supposed to wear what an explorer would wear, but instead he wore clothes similar to those of a prince under his blue conquistador armor. Explorer clothing should be comfortable, but also functional.

His loose light blue long-sleeved button-down shirt with cuffed sleeves does look comfortable, but he doesn't look well prepared for the short-term expedition. His boots and baggy trousers were ill-suited for trekking through unexplored worlds. He was known to be even more unprepared for weather changes without a jacket, so making his clothes comfortable but impractical.

Eugene Fitzherbert's Iconic Outfit

Eugene He is the long-lost prince of the Dark Kingdom in Tangled. A prominent and well-known thief, he often wore a dark turquoise vest with a white long-sleeved shirt, dark cream trousers, and brown boots. His gear is great for an adventurer, but not for a thief on the run.

Although according to Redditors, their adventure together would make for a great live-action movie, they never get a chance to change clothes. Eugene has been on the run, passing his inaccurate wanted notices, leaving him with no choice. Anyone looking for him can recognize him, as long as his gear doesn't feel like it's practical in the real world.

Kristoff's Not-So-Bundled Self

Christopher and Princess Anna get engaged in Frozen 2, bringing him one step closer to becoming a prince. He wears a thick dark tunic, a dark blue long-sleeved sweatshirt, olive mittens, thick dark trousers, a dark round cap, and dark brown fur-lined boots. His gear might be practical for harvesting ice during a winter storm, but it's not exactly practical for adventuring.

Viewers can see his savage figure, which seems to keep his clothes from being as thick as people like in the cold. Even so, his In his adventures with Princess Anna and Olaf, the action seems rather limited. For adventurers, being able to do whatever they have to do is paramount, but for Christopher, that's impossible with all his clothes.

Peter Pan's Attire

Peter, leader of the Lost Boys and Unknown Prince of Neverland, wears a green short-sleeved tunic with a long V-neck, olive leggings, and tan moccasins. His green hat with red feathers is an added detail that coordinates his outfit. During his trips to and from Neverland, his gear was deemed impractical.

There are several appearances of Peter Pan, each showing his signature olive green attire. When flying into the real world, the short-sleeved tunic didn't provide much warmth, leaving him vulnerable to illness. It's not practical in reality without a thin olive green jacket.

Beast In Any Clothes

The Beast from Beauty and the Beast wears a blue blazer and gold-trimmed trousers, which seems unrealistic for his massive stature. While the costume is functional in his ballroom scene with Belle, it's impractical for the rest of the movie.

As Beast, He doesn't necessarily need to wear clothes, and he can even get by without shoes considering his chimera feet. But perhaps most inexplicable is the fact that his clothes are the exact same ones he wore as a human, which doesn't make sense since he's twice his size.

Li Shang's Training Outfit

Although Li Shang is not a prince, he is in love with Princess Mulan. As a Chinese army captain, he wears his warrior armor and simple clothes for most Mulans. However, the impractical equipment came when he was training other soldiers. He was shirtless, wearing dark khakis with a teal ribbon and black-toed shoes.

Most of the time they train outside to give everyone more space, so it doesn't hurt to wear shirts. He doesn't need to be shirtless to show off his skills. This kit makes waking up in the morning easy, but the reality of training soldiers who don't know what they're doing can lead to disaster.

Prince Edward's Burgundy Outfit

After Prince Edwards followed Gisele to New York in Enchanted, he jumped into the real world in his typical prince dress code that creates unrealistic situations in the real world. He looks more like a cosplayer than an actual prince, wearing a beautiful fuchsia silk, long boots, big puffed sleeves, and a cape.

His cloak alone was difficult to wear in the crowded conditions of New York. Not only does he not know how to navigate the real world, but his attire makes him all the more noticeable when he does. This is the most impractical gear for exploring new worlds.

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