Death Stranding 2 may leave America behind

Death Stranding let players walk, climb, and drive across a post-apocalyptic America, so Death Stranding 2 may take fans to entirely new territories.

Kojima Productions' post-apocalyptic mailman sim Death Stranding sent players across a ruined America, but Death Stranding 2 could be a completely different scenario. The upcoming sequel, currently under the working title Death Stranding 2, will bring back iconic characters like Sam Bridges, Fragile and Higgs Monaghan. While no gameplay has been shown yet, clues in the trailer suggest players will be performing international deliveries in DS2.

The Game Awards 2022 officially confirmed Death Stranding 2, and its trailer follows director Hideo Kojima's signature enigmatic style. The trailer focuses on Fragile, a teleportation specialist played by Lea Seydoux, as she takes care of the baby before she is attacked viciously. The trailer shows off cool new technology, like a high-tech unicycle, before casting Norman Reedus as an aging Sam Bridges. The Death Stranding 2 cinematic trailer also teased the return of the vaunted villain Higgs Monaghan played by Troy Baker, with subtle details suggesting the sequel might also explore an entirely new location.

The DS2 Trailer Introduces Fragile's Massive Airship

While the entire Death Stranding 2 trailer is full of fascinating details, one of the final scenes may be the funniest. near the end of the trailer Sam Bridges joins Fragile near Tar Lake, Death Stranding's main character now physically aged. Then, a gigantic airship rises from the asphalt, and Sam is vulnerablely invited to "come and meet [her] crew" to "hit the road and start a new journey". This scene hints that DS2 will take Sam and Fragile to an entirely new location outside of post-apocalyptic America. The UHC Magellan airship may be named after the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who pioneered a maritime trade route across the Pacific Ocean.

Death Stranding 2 May Change Its Setting From America

The United States is the main focus of Death Stranding, but it would make sense for the game's sequel to venture into new parts of the world. Players have already explored the entire country in the first game, with Sam Bridges connecting chiral networks from Death Stranding's unrecognizable East Coast to West Coast. To avoid redundant experiences, Death Stranding 2 had to travel to new locations, providing players with brand new maps to walk, climb, and drive through. UHC Magellan can transport players to a new continent whose name suggests somewhere across the Pacific Ocean, or it can even venture to more fantastical places Location.

While America's past and future are an important theme in Death Stranding, the game's upcoming sequel appears poised to visit a whole new landscape. Fragile's airship, the UHC Magellan, may facilitate this change of scenery, perhaps even allowing players to explore multiple different continents or fantasy settings. Players have already painstakingly traveled across and reconnected across America in Death Stranding, so perhaps the best improvement in Death Stranding 2 is heading to uncharted territory.

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