DCAU: 7 Characters That Looked Superior Within The Unused Batman Enterprises (& 7 That Looked More regrettable)

The Unused Batman Enterprises saw overhauls of numerous famous characters, but which characters made strides, and which really looked more awful?

After the victory of Superman: The Enlivened Arrangement, Batman returned with The Modern Batman Enterprises. There were unused characters, unused stories, and a more grounded association within the shared DC Enlivened Universe. On beat of it all, The Modern Batman Enterprises highlighted a modern craftsmanship fashion to coordinate that of Superman: The Vivified Arrangement.

As a result, various characters from Batman: The Vivified Arrangement were totally patched up with unused plans. Like most occasions when something goes through a alter, there are overhauls that fans truly cherished. On the other hand, there are unused looks for characters that fans detested or indeed detested.


Updated on November 24th, 2022 by Melody MacReady:

The more overstated highlights of the manikin Scarface make The Modern Batman Experiences adaptation stand out more. Scarface looks straight out of a comedian book which is something that the patched up fashion exceeded expectations at, indeed with the characters who see generally the same as some time recently.

The Arnold Wesker side of the Ventriloquist may be a diverse story. The craftsmanship fashion makes him see like a strolling barrel from certain points, but it does fit the topic that Wesker and Scarface are implied to be tributes to classic Dick Tracey reprobates.


There was never anything terrible almost Bane's plan in Batman: The Animated Series, but there was exceptionally small to assist the character stand out as Batman's equal. He generally fair looked like a normal wrestler though The Unused Batman Experiences gave Bane a see that makes a difference recognize him.

Instead of a straightforward veil and tank best, Bane wears a more nitty gritty veil with goggles and spikes that thrust the restrain of a appear meant for children. Presently rather than clear ruddy eyes, he sports scarier ruddy irises. On best of all that, his Poison tubes, tank, and gauntlet stand out distant more in this form.


In Batman: The Enlivened Arrangement, Executioner Croc, one of DC most famous creatures, was presented with a more grounded take on the character. He looked more human and worn pale gray scales with unpretentiously honed teeth. It was an compelling design that beheld back to the character's make a big appearance within the comics.

With the later comics at the time delineating Executioner Croc as more reptilian, The Modern Batman Enterprises taken after. Croc's scales were dim green, his teeth were much more honed, and he highlighted a much more crocodilian see by and large.

Killer Croc

There was nothing terrible almost Harm Ivy's plan in Batman: The Vivified Arrangement. A lovely red-haired lady with a grass-like uniform: straightforward but successful within the conclusion. The Unused Batman Experiences gave her a entire modern see from best to foot.

Since Ivy had ended up more of a metahuman, she presently had pale green skin. Her eyes see nearly white, her hair is much darker, and her suit was indeed more upgraded. The patched up plan comes much closer to what most fans think of when they listen the title, Harm Ivy.

Poison Ivy

This would really be the third plan for Scarecrow, and what numerous effortlessly consider to be the finest. The primary see in Batman: The Vivified Arrangement made him see like an genuine scarecrow that bounced off a post. The moment was way better but a small as well cartoonish.

The Unused Batman Experiences chosen to go full-on frightfulness motion picture lowlife with Scarecrow's unused see. The monster grass shearer, the noose around his neck, and the zombie-like appearance made this plan an moment favorite. On best of it all, he was presently voiced by frightfulness legend Jeffrey Combs to coordinate the modern fashion.


Since Batgirl was presently beneath the wing of Batman, Barbara Gordon overhauled from the custom made suit in Batman: The Enlivened Arrangement. The Modern Batman Experiences sees her in all dark and yellow with a blue cape, a plan that indeed the comics would utilize as motivation.

Barbara Gordon moreover included physical changes, with her blue eyes being much more dynamic, her ruddy hair much darker, and her wearing an by and large more streamlined however fitting see. Batgirl's unused suit was incredible and fit within the world of Batman whereas still keeping her a one of a kind saint that stands on her claim.


In some cases less is more, and when it comes to Batman, that was certainly the case. Bruce Timm and Paul Dini jettisoned the yellow oval image and blue highlights and instep gave a easier however culminate hunt for Batman. Dark and gray all over with a dark bat image on the chest, the overhaul worked well.

Suiting the voice of Kevin Conroy superbly; there was certainly nothing off-base with the suit seen all through Batman: The Vivified Arrangement. The Unused Batman Undertakings adaptation fair overseen to see indeed way better, a design that would proceed with Equity Association.



Tragically, Penguin's plan in both appears was not that incredible. Batman: The Energized Arrangement was somewhat superior since he taken after classic Dick Tracey scalawags while The Unused Batman Enterprises appeared to be paying tribute to Burgess Meredith.

In any case, he needed Burgess' charm and charisma, so the made light of Penguin blended with a more standard human plan come about in a form of Oswald Cobblepot that came off as fair flat. Exceptionally small almost Penguin stands out, and he was as of now one of the more forgettable reprobates of this rule.

The Penguin

It is clarified amid the occasions of The Modern Batman Undertakings that Victor Fries has misplaced most of his body and is fair a head interior a suit. That can clarify why all of a sudden Mr. Solidify looks like a skeleton interior his suit, but indeed at that point, the visual of Solidify is fair not as amazing as in Batman: The Vivified Arrangement, where he was redone for the superior.

The uncover of his head being on four insect-like legs comes off as senseless more than anything. The Solidify within the past arrangement was oversimplified in plan, but it was successful, as they made it trustworthy that he was a man caught interior his armor, which made him indeed more awful compared to being a creature robot within The Modern Batman Undertakings, which Batman Past would settle.

Mr. Freeze

One of the saddest lowlifess from Batman: The Enlivened Arrangement returned for The Modern Batman Enterprises. Tragically, Infant Doll's return was one of the weakest both in terms of story and design, since it's not about as enthusiastic as the initial scene, and gone were the culminate blend of grown-up and child-like highlights that made Child Doll so unpleasant however thoughtful.

Instep, Child Doll was much more streamlined with a cuter and more child-like plan. She presently donned brighter blonde braids and there were a parcel less subtle elements in her expressions. In a way, Child Doll looked more associated to a kid adaptation of Harley Quinn.

Baby Doll

Whereas the first plan for The Frantic Hatter in Batman: The Enlivened Arrangement wasn't precisely unobtrusive, it was still successful. The Unused Batman Enterprises appears to disregard that the Frantic Hatter isn't really a strange man from Wonderland.

Jervis Tetch's head is giant and bulbous much just like the Lewis Carroll character, he's much shorter, and highlights long pointy ears. This made Frantic Hatter see less human and was so much of a distant cry from the primary plan that it might as well be a distinctive character. It didn't offer assistance that he didn't get the most excellent minutes to sparkle either.

The Mad Hatter

DC properties have continuously tried to capitalize on the buildup of a modern motion picture, which may be a conventional promoting strategy. Within the case of the Riddler, it did not result in a predominant hunt for the character. Rather than the green dress suit of the comics at the time, The Unused Batman Experiences attempted to duplicate Jim Carrey's take on the Riddler from Batman Until the end of time.

The result may be a or maybe apathetic see: a bare man in green tights. It may come closer to Straight to the point Gorshin's Riddler from the 1966 arrangement, but within the conclusion, it was fair missing any charm or grittiness that Batman: The Vivified Arrangement given.

The Riddler

Comparative to Riddler, The Unused Batman Experiences endeavored to advertise Catwoman to fans of the film establishment. As a result, it made a odd modern Catwoman who was apparently de-aged, since she sounded and acted more like a college-age lady.

The white skin and the all-black suit made it clear that it was motivated by Michelle Pfeiffer's depiction of Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman. Tragically, numerous fans thought it was a extreme downsize from the more grounded adaptation of Batman: The Energized Arrangement.


On the totally inverse side of the range was the Joker. Out of all the plans, no character endured more regrettable than the Clown Sovereign Of Wrongdoing. Fans did not take well to the plan, consequently why the character would get a much-needed update in Equity Alliance and Batman Past: Return Of The Joker.

Within The Unused Batman Enterprises, he was given dark hair, dark eyes, and an indeed slimmer see. The plan was fair unappealing and made him see more associated to Freakazoid than the Joker. The sparing elegance was that he was still voiced brilliantly by Check Hamill.

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