Cobra Kai season 6 could explore an unlikely friendship

Now that most of Cobra Kai's rivalries have been resolved following the events of season 5, Cobra Kai season 6 can explore an unlikely but hopeful friendship.

Cobra Kai may be defined by rivalry and conflict, but an unlikely friendship is one of the most promising things about a potential Cobra Kai season 6. As a reflection of Daniel and Johnny's ever-complex relationship, the Cobra Kai character is often involved in competing misunderstandings or arising from love triangles. The conflict between Miguel and Robby or Sam and Tory set the tone for the first four seasons of Cobra Kai, but with the events of Cobra Kai Season 5, those are now over.

With Terry Silver's Cobra Kai dojo becoming a threat not just to Daniel LaRusso but to everyone around him, a new dojo was formed that combined the teachings of Daniel, Chozen and Johnny. Unlike what happened in Cobra Kai season 4, the as-yet-unnamed new dojo didn't immediately collapse. Since most Cobra Kai characters are now fighting for the same side, new friendships and character dynamics can be explored in Cobra Kai Season 6.

Robby & Hawk Can Be Friends For The First Time In Cobra Kai

The second half of Cobra Kai season 5 teased a potential friendship between Robby and Hawk. Although Robbie and Hawke didn't get along easily at first The same franchise, Cobra Kai season 5 finale teased that the two characters will now be friends. It's a dynamic that Cobra Kai can never deliver, as Hawk and Robby have been on opposite sides for most of the series. Even though Robbie and Hawk were on Kreese's Cobra Kai in season 3, they clearly didn't like each other. Fortunately, the Cobra Kai competition is now over.

Hawke and Robbie didn't work together perfectly after the dojo merge, and Cobra Kai rightly indicated that there was still animosity between the two characters. Hawk keeps blaming Robby for what happened to Miguel during the school fight in Cobra Kai season 2, and Robby thinks Hawk is a bully no matter which dojo they're fighting for. Neither of them wanted to admit that the other had gotten better. However, as Demetri says, both Robbie and Hawke have been wrong in the past. Both Cobra Kai characters have redemption arcs, which is why it's so fun to have them bond.

Robby vs. Hawk Was Cobra Kai’s Most Overlooked Rivalry

Robby vs. Hawk is Cobra Kai's most overlooked rivalry. Although Cobra Kai season 1 focuses on the conflict between the two Miguel and Robby, so much so that other Cobra Kai dojo students like Hawk didn't know Robby until All Valley, and the season ended with a battle of Robby vs. Hawk in the game. Hawk and Robby, already two of Cobra Kai's best fighters, engage in a fierce fight, with Hawk attacking Robby's shoulder from behind. A new rivalry escalates after Robbie sends Miguel to the hospital, and Hawke never sees Robbie as a "real Cobra Kai" friend.

Robbie and Hawk's rivalry continued even after the latter's redemption arc. Now more balanced after training with Daniel LaRusso, Hawke faces Robbie again in the All-Valley final. Unlike their first fight, Robbie and Hawk's tournament fight in Cobra Kai season 4 was less emotional and more technical, and it was one of the best fights on the show. Essentially, Robbie and Hawk have four seasons of tradition as rivals and have already fought twice across the Valley. With Cobra Kai's forgotten rivalry over, an exciting new friendship forms between Robby and Hawk.

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