Charmed: The sisters date the devil every time

In Charmed, it has become a tradition for the Halliwell sisters to date demons. It's all the types of demons they date in the series.

In Charmed, dating a demon is a rite of passage, and all sisters have dated at least one demon. Prue (Shannen Doherty), Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Phoebe Halliwell (Alyssa Milano) and Paige Matthews (Rose McGowan) are destined to use their magic to protect the world. Unfortunately, this sometimes gets in the way of their daily lives. This creates problems for their work. It also makes it harder for them to date and trust others with their secrets.

Both sisters date multiple men during the series, and at times they end up becoming demons or being possessed by demons. Most relationships were short-lived, but it became common for sisters to date demons. Here are all the demons the Halliwell sisters have dated on the show.

Prue's Ex-Boyfriend Tom Was Preparing To Become A Demon

In Season 3, Episode 12, "Fighting Demons", Prue Halliwell meets her college ex-boyfriend Tom Peters (Marco Sanchez) while saving an innocent man. She was so surprised that she accidentally let him run away. When Big Sister discovers Tom is at a supernatural academy that turns humans into demons, Prue is determined to save him before it's too late. she figured it out The key to saving her ex, his mother. The sisters stopped him from killing innocents and reversed his transformation.

Prue Briefly Dated Brendan The Half-Warlock

In Season 1, Episode 18, "When Bad Warlocks Go Good", the sisters meet Brendan Rowe (Michael Weatherly) while doing a catering gig for Quake's. They accidentally take his pen, Phoebe has a premonition about him, and he becomes their innocent. Prue quickly takes a liking to him. Because of "his eyes," she entrusts him with their secrets. He's a half-warlock, and his brothers want to turn him evil. They even put a spell on him to sacrifice Prue. Prue convinced him, but their relationship didn't last long, as his ultimate dream was to become a priest.

Piper Was Engaged To Jeremy (A Warlock)

In the pilot episode, Piper Halliwell is engaged to a seemingly nice man, Jeremy Burns (Alex Scottwoods). He shows up as a warlock in an abandoned building, and she thinks he's showing her the sights, but he wants to take her powers away. He's been waiting for the sisters' grandmother to die, for them to be reunited for their powers. jeremy ends up being the first thing The sisters defeated their opponents with the power of three. It also started Halliwell's tradition of dating demons.

Phoebe Had 2 Weeks With Ex-Demon Drake

Drake dè Mon (Billy Zane) is the new literature teacher at the magic school. He made a deal with a wizard that allowed him to live as a human for a year, but he had to give up immortality. He had only two weeks left when he met Phoebe Halliwell. They spend a lot of time together and she falls in love with him. To regain Phoebe's faith in love has been his mission all along. It's revealed that Cole sent him because he believed Phoebe wouldn't fall in love again because of him.

Phoebe's Epic Romance With Half-Demon Cole

Cole Turner (Julian McMahon) is Phoebe's epic love interest and one of the show's central love stories. Unfortunately, Cole is also half-demon, Bethazur. The Triad sent him to kill the Charmed. Instead, he falls for Phoebe and she falls for him. He becomes a reformed demon, and then he becomes a little human. Phoebe and Cole got engaged when he was human.

Then the prophet came up with a plan Make Cole the new source (the root of all evil). He became Source without Phoebe's knowledge, and she became pregnant with his demonic child. Ultimately, the sisters had to beat him. This plays a big role in how Phoebe finds love for the rest of the series.

Paige's Boyfriend Shane Was Possessed By The Source

In Season 4, Episodes 1 and 2 ("Charmed Again: Part 1" and "Part 2"), Paige Matthews discovers that she has sisters and is a witch. She also dates a new man, Shane (Jordan Bridges). Gen possesses him to get close to the sisters. Paige spends time with him when he is possessed. He tries to pull her away from Piper and Phoebe. Shane is fine in the end, but he doesn't understand what happened to him, but knows it has something to do with Paige. At the end of episode 1, Piper tells Paige, "Until you date the devil, you're not really one of us. Welcome to the club."

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